Delicious summer vegetarian recipe: Tomato and Watermelon Poke recipe


Looking for delicious summer vegetarian recipe? Chef Richard Blais Tomato and Watermelon Poke recipe is absolutely delicious.

Summer menus do not always have to include burgers or hot dogs. Tomato and Watermelon Poke is a delicious summer vegetarian recipe that everyone will love. It is bright, refreshing and will never have you questioning that it is vegetarian.

Vegetarian inspired meals have been becoming more popular. While the rise of plant-based meat alternatives offer options, using fresh produce on its own with smart seasoning choices can be even better.

In the summer, everyone seems to be enjoying watermelon. Whether served in chunks or slices, it is a classic side at many summer barbecues and gatherings. But, that traditional fruit can be so much more.

Given the watermelon’s texture, it can be a wonderful ingredient in savory dishes. The watermelon can absorb many flavors. Instead of just focusing on the sweeter side, savory flavors can add a big punch of flavor.

Recently, Morton Salt partnered with celebrity chef Richard Blais on some amazing summer recipes. Using Morton Salt and other seasonings, he was able to transform traditional recipes into new summer favorites.

In his recipe for Tomato and Watermelon Poke, the traditional poke dish eliminates the tuna for watermelon. Visually, the dish looks similar. Enticing with the eyes is key to making this vegetarian recipe shine.

Chef Blais said, “This is a great vegetarian option for poke – and a sure-to-be summer favorite. Compressing the watermelon is optional, but will give the watermelon a deeper color, almost resembling ahi tuna. Use the best quality ponzu and sesame oil available to make this simple dressing really shine.”

Ponzu is a great ingredient that more people need to explore. The citrus notes can work all types of dishes. It adds a punch of flavor that will hit all the umami notes.

One key tip for this recipe, Chef Blais said, “When combining watermelon, tomato, ponzu, sesame oil and green onions, mix in Morton® Fine Sea Salt to ensure ingredients are evenly coated with flavor. Finish with Morton® Coarse Sea Salt to add texture to the poke.”

Here’s how to make Tomato and Watermelon Poke.

"Tomato and Watermelon PokeServes 4Ingredients2 each large heirloom tomatoes3 cups diced watermelon1 avocado1 lime, juiced½ tsp Morton® Fine Sea Salt½ cup pine nuts½ cup citrus ponzu1 tbsp sesame oil1 tbsp sliced green onions1 ½ cups prepared seaweed salad1 tbsp sesame seeds1 tsp Morton® Coarse Sea SaltDirections• OPTIONAL: Compress watermelon by placing in a vacuum sealed bag and removing all air and sealing closed. This compresses the juices in the watermelon and makes it look just like tuna poke.• Set oven to 350°F.• Lay pine nuts in a single layer on a baking tray and toast in oven until golden brown, about 4 minutes. Remove and set aside to cool.• Dice tomatoes into medium sized pieces.• Remove the skin and seed of the avocado and dice into medium sized pieces. Mix with the juice of 1 lime and Morton® Fine Sea Salt. Fold in watermelon, tomato, ponzu, sesame oil, and green onions.• Divide poke into 4 bowls.• Top with seaweed salad, pine nuts, and sesame seeds.• Finish with a sprinkle of Morton® Coarse sea salt."

Since Morton Salt understands the importance of avoiding food waste, poke leftovers can easily be transformed into numerous dishes. Add the poke to some greens for a refreshing salad. Or, add the poke to some grains for a delicious and hearty bowl.

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What do you think of this delicious summer vegetarian recipe? Will you be making Tomato and Watermelon Poke?