BK French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches are the tasty way to start the day


Have you heard that Burger King French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches have been added to the menu? It looks like your breakfast just got tastier.

Does your breakfast sandwich need an upgrade? The new Burger King French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches are a tasty way to start the day. With three versions on the menu, everyone can have breakfast their way.

The new French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches come in three versions, sausage, bacon or ham. Two slices of yummy French toast sandwich fluffy eggs and American cheese. It is the perfect combination of savory and sweet.

This breakfast sandwich would be a hearty way to start the day. Using French toast instead of traditional bread isn’t necessarily a new idea. The old school Monte Cristo sandwich uses French toast. This version makes the idea more accessible to a larger audience.

Also, this French Toast Breakfast Sandwich gives people options. It can be hard when you are craving both French toast and eggs. This sandwich offers both in convenient sandwich form.

BK French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches, photo provided by Burger King

Since it is summer and everyone seems to be hungry, Burger King is offering some new meal deals. The options are $4 Whopper Jr. Meal, $5 Whopper Meal and the $6 Double Whopper Meal.

Each meal features the classic flame grilled beef patty and the traditional toppings. Guests can choose from either a side of French fries or onion rings.

Burger King has been looking to offer more options for its guests. After the successful launch and expansion of the Impossible Whopper, it seems that Burger King wants to continue to push expectations.

The addition of new menu items as well as value meals gives guests more options. Whether it is a fan who looks to try something new or a new guest excited by the offerings, these additions are good for Burger King. In the fast food wars, each company needs ways to stay fresh, innovative and interesting.

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Will the new Burger King French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches entice you to visit your local BK? How do you BK your way?