The Extraordinary History of Beer tour at Heavy Seas Brewery will both educate, and quench, your thirst for knowledge!


Heavy Seas Brewery has been a craft beer staple for over 20 years. Originally Clipper City Brewing Co., Heavy Seas has transformed the Baltimore area brewing scene forever.

Before Heavy Seas Brewery was a glimmer in anyone’s eye, beer has been around for thousands of years. Where did it all start? Has beer changed that much over the years?

Well, Heavy Seas has decided to try and answer some of these questions, with their brand new, one-hour, Extraordinary History of Beer Tour, and it’s only $7.

Held on select Sundays, the tour is hosted by noted beer historian, Cliff Long. Cliff takes his tours back thousands of years, giving you an easy to digest version of where beer originated from.

I’ll be honest, you’ll learn a lot about beer and how it’s made. In fact, ancient Egyptians recorded the first known recipe for beer. It was originally a domestic art, so the women of the households were the ones brewing the beer.

Beer was originally drank warm or at room temperature, and people used straws to cut through the muck that would float on the top. For thousands of years, people thought of beer as a nutritional drink, and used it as a common cure all for most diseases or problems.

We still have debates today over the nutritional benefits of beer, so as we all know, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

You also learn about how Heavy Seas beer is made. The brewery makes around 19 different beers through the year, including some limited edition cask beers which you can only find at the tap room.

At the end of the tour you receive a collectible pint glass and two free beer samples, good for half of pint of beer each.

I tried the Paw Power, an extremely limited edition wheat ale, which was brewed for a local animal shelter. Paw Power was exceptional, with notes of blueberry. I hope they make this a regular beer one day. I followed that with their new cider, which was an exceptional apple tasting cider.

If you’re hungry after the tour, I highly recommend grabbing a pizza from Pieces of Eight,  the food truck right outside. The grain from the beer is also used to make their pizza dough, which was some of the best pizza I’ve had in a while.

Between the fresh beer and food, it’s no wonder Heavy Seas Brewery is one of the most popular spots in Baltimore.If you’re in the area and looking for something to do, check out The Extraordinary History of Beer Tour.

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