Where to find the best BBQ in the Baltimore area!


Looking for Baltimore’s best BBQ restaurants? These five local gems deliver some the most delicious meals that will have you licking your fingers.

Summertime means only one thing — it’s finally BBQ season. If you didn’t know, the Baltimore area has some real BBQ gems.

I love summer. The food, the drinks, the sometimes unbearable heat — I love it all. I especially love getting together with a group of my favorite people and chowing down on some exceptional BBQ. From pulled pork to wings, there’s something for every BBQ lover on this list!

Here are five must visit BBQ joints for your summer bucket list!

Andy Nelson’s Southern Pit BBQ

Andy Nelson’s has been a Baltimore area staple for over 30 years. The pulled pork is some of the best I’ve had on the East Coast, which is no small feat.

I like to add horseradish and onions on mine, which makes for a seriously delicious meal. This place is regularly voted as the best in Baltimore from Baltimore Magazine, so if you’re in the area, come grab a bite!

Blue Pit BBQ

Almost everything at Blue Pit BBQ is seriously amazing, but I’m partial to their chopped brisket. The meat here is cooked slow and low, making for some seriously tender cuts.

I also suggest ordering That Bird From The Wire, the perfect drink for your BBQ. Mixed with brown butter, thyme washed Jamaican rum, BSC Smoked Apple Brandy, chai, and Five Spice Bitters, this will absolutely make a believer out of you.

Chaps Pit Beef

Arguably the most famous BBQ place in the Baltimore area, Chaps Pit Beef is known for their delicious, melt in your mouth pit beef.

With 4 locations spanning from Maryland to Delaware, Chaps is the perfect summertime BBQ place. Be sure to get a side of their fresh cut french fries as well!

Honey Pig

If you haven’t tried Korean BBQ, I strongly urge you to visit Honey Pig. They offer 20+ different kinds of meet that are grilled right in front of you.

The sides — which can include kimchi, pasta salad, and other pickled deliciousness, are seriously great. I personally love the pork belly here, and I think you will too!

JD’s Smokehouse

Whenever I visit JD’s Smokehouse in Canton, I get an order of the Jack Maple Bacon wings. They’re super fresh and tender, and I can’t get enough of them. I also enjoy their wide variety of local, craft beer, which is the perfect drink for some local BBQ. You absolutely must give this place a try!

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What are some of your favorite BBQ places? Let us know in the comments below!