Spindrift has the perfect mocktails for all of your Pride parties!


Happy Pride month, everyone! Looking for a way to cool down during Pride festivals and parties? Spindrift has you covered!

Spindrift — one of my favorite sparkling water brands — is ready to celebrate Pride with you. If you’re heading to a local Pride parade or party, you’ll need to stay hydrated. After all, it’s hot during the summer!

You can always grab your favorite Spindrift flavor (I’m partial to lemon and strawberry) and drink it solo, or you can turn it into a creative mocktail — perfect for people of all ages, and for those who don’t like to drink alcohol!

Speaking of mocktails, here are two refreshing recipes that are perfect for summer. From summer flavors, like watermelon, to good for your kombucha, these drinks could become your summer favorite refreshers.

Ready to shake up a Spindrift mocktail?

Sparkling Watermelon Breeze

"Ingredients•Fresh watermelon•Spindrift Lemon•Mint•IceDirections1Add fresh squares of watermelon to a glass. Muddle with fresh mint leaves (to make watermelon juice)2Add ice and top with Lemon Spindrift3Garnish with a small wedge of watermelon and mint leaves!*Bartender’s NotesBonus idea: freeze your watermelon to make tasty ice cubes."

Blackberry ‘Bucha Breeze

"Ingredients•Ice•Blackberry Spindrift•Your fav kombucha, we used a ginger lemonDirections1Layer crushed ice and kombucha into your glass and top with Blackberry Spindrift2Garnish with a lemon and a spring of mint."


You can also add frozen fruit to any Spindrift flavor you like, adding a nice texture kick to the drink. And, of course, you can make some sweet summer cocktails as well, perfect for day drinking at any Pride event — or summer event — you may attend!

Spindrift, headquartered in Boston, started in 2010 inside of their founders kitchen. Spindrift is committed to providing some of the best sparkling water on the market, and donates 1% of all sales to various environmental groups. They work with farmers across the US to get the freshest, and ripest fruit for their water, and their water is Kosher certified and gluten free.

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Do you have a favorite Spindrift mocktail? Let us know in the comments below!