Toast EFFEN Vodka’s 2018 Pride bottle with a Pride-themed cocktail


Celebrate Pride Month with a Pride-themed cocktail. Make it even more celebratory with EFFEN Vodka’s limited edition 2018 Pride bottle.

June celebrates Pride Month. Why not raise a Pride-themed cocktail for the month long celebration. More importantly, mix up that cocktail with the limited edition EFFEN Vodka’s 2018 Pride bottle. Let’s celebrate love, inclusion, acceptance and goodwill.

Across the country, many cities celebrate Pride Month. From large scale parades to smaller celebrations, the month marks the remembrance of the Stonewall riots in New York City. While the country has come a long way from those 1969 riots, the current culture and climate still needs to work on acceptance and inclusive. Many Pride Month celebrations focus on creating awareness and goodwill.

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Since some of the celebrations are quite festive, a Pride-themed cocktail can be in order. EFFEN Vodka released its limited edition 2018 Pride bottle. In addition to the special vodka, the company created a couple themed cocktails for the month long celebration.

The three special cocktails are titled EFFEN Vodka Love is Love, EFFEN Vodka Parade Punch and EFFEN Vodka Peace & Pride. All three cocktails are bright in color and flavor. With lots of fruit flavors, these cocktails are perfect for the summer celebration.

Personally, my favorite cocktail of the three is Love is Love. That statement has broad appeal. It doesn’t matter who or what you love. As long as you have love in your life, your life is better for it.

EFFEN Vodka’s 2018 Pride bottle with a Pride-themed cocktail, photo provided by EFFEN Vodka

"Here’s how to make Love is Love.Ingredients:1 ½ EFFEN Vodka½ part DeKuyper Triple Sec½ part pomegranate juice½ part fresh lemon juiceMethod:Rim a couple or martini glass with rainbow sugar or edible glitter. Shake all ingredients on ice and strain into the coupe or martini glass. Garnish with a lemon peel."

The tartness of the pomegranate juice keeps this cocktail from being too sweet. On a hot day, the flavor combination is quite refreshing. Plus, who can resist some edible glitter?

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If you are celebrating Pride Month, why not raise a Pride-themed cocktail for the occasion. Truthfully, why not raise these cocktails all year long.