12 wickedly good treats to try at Walt Disney World’s Villains After Hours event


On select nights this summer Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park is being taken over at Villains After Hours. Here’s everything you need to eat and drink.

On ten select nights this summer, Walt Disney World is channeling their darker side with a special ticketed event at Magic Kingdom Park: Villains After Hours. And, like all special events at the most magical place on earth, the villain-focused party includes lots of treats that are bound to bring out your inner Disney villain.

Villains After Hours runs on select Mondays and Thursdays throughout the summer, and will cost kids and adults $139 in advance or $144 at the park gates. Walt Disney World Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members can purchase discounted tickets in advance for $109.

The event runs from 10 p.m. through 1 a.m. and offers entertainment, unique photo ops and shorter attraction wait times in addition to a sinister snack menu.

Foodsided attended the inaugural Villains After Hours, and rounded up every wickedly delicious snack item you need to try when you attend this evil event.

1. Not So Poison Apple Cupcake

The Not So Poison Apple Cupcake, available at Main Street Bakery.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Not to worry… You’re not Snow White and (hopefully) an evil queen isn’t out to cast a spell on you, so all you’ll experience when you taste this spiced apple cupcake with pecan crunch and buttercream is deliciousness.

Available at Main Street Bakery. 

2. Dr. Facilier’s Tarot Card Tart

Dr. Facilier comes to party with this chocolate tarot card tart, available at Sleepy Hollow.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Regardless of whether or not you’ve got friends on the other side, this chocolate-filled tart with dark chocolate ganache is for you. The dessert is topped with peanut butter mousse and an edible white chocolate tarot card.

Available at Sleepy Hollow.

3. Dragon’s Breath Float

At Villains After Hours, Maleficient makes many appearances. One of these is in this Dragon’s Breath float, available in Fantasyland.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

One of the spookiest parts of Villains After Hours is Maleficent roaming Magic Kingdom in dragon form, breathing fire as she passes. This Maleficent-themed float features lemon soft-serve and Sprite, and is topped with a green cherry and cherry flavored syrup.

Available at Storybook Treats. 

4. Intergalactic Noodles

Fans of “Toy Story” will love these Emperor-Zurg-themed noodles.

Photo credit: Walt Disney World

Emperor Zurg is alive and well in this brightly colored noodle dish featuring snap peas, red onion and sweet chili garlic sauce atop chilled purple noodles. After you chow down on these noodles, try to beat your high score on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin: The shortened wait times at more than 20 attractions during this event make it easy to experience all your favorite rides.

Available at Cool Ship.

5. De Vil’s Treat

Cruella de Vil gets a special nod in this brownie dessert, available at Casey’s Corner.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

If you love puppies… or Dalmatian-fur coats, you may just love this Cruella-de-Vil-themed treat. A simple brownie topped with black and white icing, this dessert mimics the classic villain’s iconic hairdo.

Available at Casey’s Corner.

6. Headless  Horseman Browkie

Disney is offering a hybrid dessert at Villains After Hours: A half brownie, half cookie dessert featuring the Headless Horseman can be purchased at Sleepy Hollow.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

No, that isn’t a “brownie” misspelling. This delicious half chocolate chip cookie, half brownie treat is topped with an edible white chocolate Headless Horseman and is sure to give you a fright while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Available at Sleepy Hollow. 

7. Yzma’s Llama Potion

Yzma’s Llama Potion is made from Strawberry Fanta and dry ice.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Do you like Strawberry Fanta? Does dry ice blow your mind? Do you kind of have thing for “The Emperor’s New Groove?” If so, this fizzy, smoky drink themed after Yzma herself will make your night even more magical.

Available at Cool Ship.

8. Headless Horseman Novelty Straw

This Headless Horseman collectible straw is available in Liberty Square.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

While this novelty straw featuring the Headless Horseman isn’t exactly a sweet treat, it’s a must-have food-related item for the Disney collector.

Available at the Liberty Square Popcorn Cart.

9. Hades Nachos

These spicy chicken nachos are straight from Hades — the villain Hades, that is.

Photo credit: Walt Disney World

If you attended Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in 2018, you may have tried these delicious nachos — black bean chips with spicy buffalo chicken and nacho cheese — which have returned from the underworld for Villains After Hours.

Available at Tortuga Tavern. 

10. A Drink From the Other Side

Dr. Facilier’s hometown, New Orleans, is the inspiration behind this Hurricane-like drink.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

It’s OK to have “friends on the other side,” and Walt Disney World proves this with an amazing Hurricane-like drink themed after one of the most popular drinks in Dr. Facilier’s home, New Orleans.

Available at Sleepy Hollow.

11. Maleficent Cone

The “mistress of all evil” makes many appearances during Villains After Hours, from gracing the state outside Cinderella Castle during the “Villains Unite the Night” stage show to parading through the park as a fire-breathing dragon. But don’t forget to try this ice cream cone — a black waffle cone with lime soft-serve topped with chocolate horns and purple sprinkles.

Available at Storybook Treats. 

12. Hades’ Temptation

Raise a glass to Hades with this delicious purple “mocktail.”

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

This frozen purple “mocktail” is made with lemonade and violet syrup and is topped with a gummy worm.

Available at Tortuga Tavern.

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Walt Disney World’s Villains After Hours will take place on select nights from June 6 through August 8. Visit the Walt Disney World website for tickets and more information.