Best Harry Potter candies, even Muggles can take a bite of the magic


Looking for a little sweet, magic? Harry Potter candy could be your ticket to the Wizarding World, even from the comfort of your couch.

Have you had some Harry Potter candy? While a visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is filled with delectable treats, those theme park temptations aren’t the only way to enjoy Harry Potter themed treats. Jelly Belly has a plethora of sweet treats, no magic or admission required.

Over the years, Jelly Belly has offered a bevy of Harry Potter themed treats. From chocolate wants to Bertie’s Botts creations, Harry Potter fans have devoured them all. While these sweet treats might not be exact replicas from the movies (Universal Resorts’ Honeydukes offers those items), these candies are available closer to home.

Here are FoodSided’s favorite Harry Potter candy choices.

Chocolate Wands

Last year Jelly Belly introduced its Harry Potter inspired chocolate wands. The wands are chocolate replicas of wands used by your favorite wizards. While the interactive wands from Universal Resorts might be magical, these wands are tastier.

In addition to the chocolate wand, each package comes with sheet of spells. Although these spells are from the series, you might need to be a real wizard to make them come to life.

Voldemort Chocolate Wand, coming Fall 2019, photo provided by Jelly Belly

Coming later this year, Jelly Belly will be releasing a Voldemort chocolate wand. Although the wand isn’t dark chocolate, those people who are drawn to the dark side might want to try this new version.

Gummi Magical Creatures

Hagrid, the infamous keeper of keys, has long been associated with magical creatures. While some spiders might be scary in real life, these magical creatures are quite tasty.

Gummi Magical Creatures, photo provided by Jelly Belly

The gummi magical creatures line includes Fluffy, Hedwig, Thestral, Crookshanks and Aragog. The creatures come in four flavor combinations, cherry/lime, cherry/blueberry, blueberry/lime and lime/orange.

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

Who remembers the Harry and Ron talking about the bizarre flavors of candies? Sometimes kids (and adults) are intrigued with the possibility of knowing what Earwax really tastes like.

The Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans feature 20 different flavors. From unusual flavors like dirt and soap to more traditional ones, everyone will have a little fun with determining the flavor in each candy.

Chocolate Frogs

While these chocolate frogs are slightly different from the version that can be found at Universal Resorts, these chocolate frogs are quite tasty. Plus, the crisped rice adds a lovely texture to each bite.

Also, each package contains a photorealistic lenticular collectible card. Just like the series!

Even more Jelly Belly Harry Potter candies are coming later this year. From Jelly Slugs to Chocolate Creatures, this fall will be bursting with all types of Harry Potter themed treats.

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What is your favorite Harry Potter treat or food? More importantly, how do you like your Butterbeer?