Could your best rib recipe earn you the title Chief Grilling Officer?


Do you have the best rib recipe? Reynolds Wrap is looking for the Chief Grilling Officer and your pit master expertise could earn you a big prize.

What makes the best rib recipe? Even pit masters take years and years perfecting that rib recipe. Still, once you get that recipe perfected, it can make everyone’s mouth water. Now, that recipe could earn you the ultimate title, Chief Grilling Officer.

For the summer, Reynolds Wrap is looking for a Chief Grilling Officer. That title comes with a lot of perks, not just the glory of the ultimate title. Do you think that you have the award winning recipe to earn your claim to fame?

A perfect rib recipe can vary on location, flavor preference and even barbecue style. In some cases, slow smoked ribs that have spent a good part of the day developing flavor. That smoke adds depth of flavor and nuance.

Other rib recipes find robust flavors from a rub. The combination of spices create a crust that seals in all the juices.

Lastly, other recipes feature a scrumptious barbecue sauce that is finger licking good. From sweet to savory, some people don’t even mind if they spill a little on their shirt.

All those recipes and more could earn you the title Chief Grilling Officer. Of course, the recipe is just the starting point. You have to be a good story teller. Still, doesn’t good barbecue tell a story as well? When you bite into a delicious rib, you can definitely feel the love.

In addition to the $10,000 prize and title, you and a friend will travel the country looking for the best ribs. Doesn’t that idea sound like the ultimate summer road trip? Better get your comfy pants.

While Reynolds Wrap doesn’t say the cities that the Chief Grilling Officer will be visiting, there will surely be stops at some of the great barbecue cities around the nation. With so many different regional barbecue varieties, it will be the ultimate foodie adventure for the barbecue fan.

If you think that you have the best rib recipe which could earn you the title, make sure to apply to Reynolds Wrap.

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