A free Chili’s Oldtimer with cheese burger could make your day tastier


Are you craving a Chili’s Oldtimer with cheese burger? Thanks to the new Chili’s and DoorDash partnership, a free burger could be yours.

What makes a Chili’s Oldtimer with cheese burger even tastier? To celebrate the Chili’s and DoorDash partnership, the two companies are offering a huge special promotion. It could make your day even tastier.

Recently, Chili’s and DoorDash announced their partnership. According to DoorDash, Chili’s was a “top-requested restaurant.” It seems that more and more people want the convenience of enjoying their favorite Chili’s menu items at home.

While convenience is important, both brands wanted to ensure that the guest’s experience and quality was the same as the experience in a restaurant. Now, when people get a craving for an Oldtimer burger with cheese or even some Skillet Queso, they can get some delivered to wherever they are.

To get everyone excited about this partnership, a special promotion starts today. According to the brands, they are “offering up to 25,000 free Oldtimer with cheese burgers with a $0 delivery fee for Chili’s orders made on DoorDash at more than 1,000 participating Chili’s restaurants nationwide.”

Now, there are a few items associated with this promotion. First, it is at participating restaurant locations. Second, you do have to spend a minimum of $10. Lastly, you need to use the promo code, OLDTIMER at checkout.

Since you have to order $10 worth of food, maybe you can get an appetizer like Southwestern Eggrolls or maybe just some chips and salsa. Ordering $10 of food doesn’t seem too difficult.

With this new partnership, it seems like the majority of restaurants are partnering with DoorDash. While people tend to be loyal to their favorite restaurants, they want the convenience of having that tasty food where and when they want it. Convenience seems to be changing the restaurant landscape.

These types of promotions seem to be the way that DoorDash entices guests to try their app. In many ways, once they try the app, they are hooked. Being able to push the button and have food arrive where and when you want it is becoming the new way to enjoy your favorite meals.

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Are you going to enjoy this Chili’s and DoorDash promotion? What would you order with your free Chili’s Oldtimer with cheese burger?