DoorDash expands to all 50 states, who’s ready to order in?


DoorDash expands to all 50 states, making it the first on-demand platform to offer food delivery across the nation. Are you part of the dasher community?

In today’s announcement, DoorDash expands to all 50 states and a total of 3,300 cities across North America. The last-mile logistics company is looking to be the service that brings all your favorite restaurant food to where you are. Are you ready to place an order?

DoorDash offers more than just food delivered at your convenience. While the brand offers popular fast casual restaurants like Chick-fil-A and Chipotle, the company services local favorites as well. From your local sushi joint to the best pizza in town, DoorDash is becoming the service to bring hungry people and good food together.

With this expansion, DoorDash is securing its place in the food industry. As consumers demand more from their food service, the company has exceeded expectations of bringing restaurants and consumers together in an easy and manageable way.

DoorDash expands to all 50 states and 3,300 cities, photo provided by DoorDash

To celebrate DoorDash’s expansion, the company is offering two huge promotions. First, for January 16 only, DoorDash is offering 50 cent delivery to all customers. Available on orders $10 or more, this offer is available while supplies last and is only valid until 11:59 p.m. PT.

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Additionally, new DoorDash cities, like Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Billings, Montana will be celebrating the DoorDash expansion for the entire month. The new expansion cities will feature a promotion of discounted $1 delivery fees for orders over $15 through 2/16/19.

The company has been so successful in the past year because the idea has such broad appeal. As seen in recent television ads, the company isn’t just for busy families wanting to quickly serve Friday night pizza.

This platform is for parents to send a college students a study break meal. It can be used to delivery your parents a meal on a special occasion. Or, it could be a way to cater your next big party. No matter the reason, the platform brings good food to you. More importantly it is simple and easy.

For many consumers, the platform is a way to explore local cuisine. While the national chains like Cheesecake Factory or Wendy’s have a broad appeal, DoorDash can highlight hidden local gems that people may not have discovered. Would you like to know the best Chinese food in your area?

As DoorDash expands across all 50 states, it will be interesting to see what other restaurants will join the community. This concept could have everyone eating in more often.

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Are you a DoorDash fan? What’s the best restaurant that you’ve ordered from on the platform?