Can you guess biggest sushi trend that has captivated foodies?


Food trends come and go, but the biggest sushi trend isn’t necessarily what you would guess. Are you part of this food movement?

Did you know that there is a huge sushi trend that is taking over restaurants and food orders? While foodies might guess that it is a particular ingredient, the newest food trend takes a different approach. Maybe you are already part of this particular food movement.

Recently, DoorDash shared with FoodSided some of the biggest sushi trends. While some findings meld with other food trends, one key finding was a little unlikely.

In the biggest turn of events, the most interesting trend was the DIY craze. More and more consumers are wanting to create their own sushi rolls. These types of sushi rolls found a 902% in order in the past year.

The create your own sushi roll trend is quite interesting. There could be many reasons for this increase in popularity. From being gluten free to flavor preferences, not everyone likes the traditional or menu listed sushi roll.

What’s your favorite sushi order? photo provided by DoorDash

More importantly, kudos to restaurants who are willing to offer the create your own sushi roll. This menu item takes extra work. But, if guests are loyal to restaurants who embrace the “custom” culture, they have earned a loyal following.

Other findings from this study are equally as interesting. The most popular sushi roll is the classic California roll. Even though this roll doesn’t even have “real” fish, consumers line up to order it. For whatever reason, the basic is still top of the list.

Another interesting fact was that the avocado trend has crossed over into sushi orders. Avocado rolls and salmon avocado rolls gained in popularity. It seems that the superfood is more than just a toast topping.

Overall, the study shows that consumers are still sticking to familiar, well known sushi rolls. Eel isn’t featured on the top 10 list, nor are other more exotic options like uni.

It was interesting that scallops weren’t anywhere on the list. That ingredient is fairly approachable. The same can be said for crab (that’s not krab found in the California roll).

Even as some people are willing to branch out and try new flavors and ingredients, the general public seems to stay in the comfortable zone. It will be curious to see if next year whether a vegetarian friendly option breaks into the top 10.

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Are you part of the biggest sushi trend this year? What’s your favorite sushi to order?