Chopped Junior: New season’s must watch episodes


Are you excited for the new Chopped Junior? Make sure that you tune into Food Network to see these three must watch episodes.

Chopped Junior is back on Food Network. Chopped has captivated foodies with chefs creativity. As they transform an eclectic box of ingredients into a beautifully composed dish, fans are in awe of the chef’s creativity and quick thinking.

In Chopped Junior, young cooks are tasked with the same challenge. Even though these cooks might be young in age, they are accomplished in the kitchen. In some ways, these young cooks can inspire any cook to be a little more creative in the kitchen.

With the new season premiering, FoodSided has picked its three must watch episodes from the new season.

Smoothie Operators

The season premiere of Chopped Junior kicks off with an offal ingredient. In many cases, adult cooks would be stumped with cooking beef tongue. Can these young cooks cook up a creative appetizer featuring beef tongue?

Of course, the offal is just one ingredient for the first challenge. Looking at the other rounds, the young cooks will have to tackle a sweet orange cream smoothie and an odd sandwich. It looks like the Food Network is really pushing these young cooks to impress the judges.

Plus, there’s a special guest judge on this episode. Jessica Alba joins Amanda Freitag and Scott Conant at the judging table. Think that Alba will be squeamish with the beef tongue appetizer?

Chopped Junior, “Smoothie Operators” episode premieres on June 25 at 9 p.m.

Superhero Cooks

This particular episode draws inspiration from the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Far From Home. Each mystery basket has a country theme, based on the countries that Spider-Man visits in the upcoming movie. From Italy to Germany and lastly England, these young cooks need to be well versed in European cuisine.

While this episode doesn’t appear to have as unusual ingredients as the “Smoothie Operators” episode, the young cooks will need to find some creative approaches to transforming these ingredients. Sorry, but just chopping up that apfelstrudel isn’t going to win the judges’ approval.

Chopped Junior, “Superhero Cooks” featuring judges Kardea Brown, Amanda Freitag and Marc Murphy will premiere on July 2 at 9 p.m.

Cookie Jar Spar

It appears that the pickle craze has come to the Food Network. In this particular episode, the young cooks must transform pickle-flavored cotton candy. Even the most creative, experienced chef would scratch her head over this ingredient.

For the dessert round, a stinky soda must be transformed into something more palatable. Can someone look past that aroma and discover a hidden gem?

Chopped Junior, “Cookie Jar Spar” featuring judges Nikki Bella, Alex Guarnaschelli and Geoffery Zakarian premieres on July 16 at 9 p.m.

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Will you be watching Food Network’s Chopped Junior new season? What episode are you most excited to watch?