Are you prepared for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s Wingspan Box?


Can you handle a Wingspan Box? Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is hoping that this enormous serving of food could bring a “big name” to the Big Easy on Draft day.

Sometimes food promotions find inspiration in pop culture. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is looking to this year’s NBA draft for a special, and very impressive, limited edition menu item. Could your appetite handle the Wingspan Box?

With this year’s NBA draft happening on June 20, Popeyes is looking to have a little fun with the speculation over New Orleans’ potential top draft pick. It is believed that Zion Williamson will be the top pick.

Referencing Williamson’s enormous wingspan, 82 inches, Popeyes will be offering the Wingspan Box. This ginormous special menu item offers six feet, 10 inches of tasty Popeyes food.

The Wingspan Box features 77 boneless wings, 11 biscuits and 11 servings of fries. If you break down the math, that is 7 wings, a biscuit and a serving of fries for you and your 10 friends. Basically, you could feed your rec team with one Wingspan Box.

Wingspan Box for the NBA Draft, photo provided by Popeyes

Since this menu item is a special promotion, it will only be available at the Canal Street location in New Orleans on June 20. The Wingspan Box will cost $74.69 and will be available while supplies last.

This type of special promotion is a fun idea for Popeyes. Even if very few people can order it, it does bring make some non-basketball fans learn something about this year’s NBA Draft. Truthfully, I didn’t know who had the top pick nor did I know the potential top pick till this promotion was announced.

In many ways, these big, limited edition menu items are entertaining. Maybe there should be a contest to see if a super fan could eat an entire Wingspan Box by himself. That type of food consumption would take an impressive appetite.

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Would you order the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s Wingspan Box? How many friends would you need to eat all that food?