Dr. Praeger’s launches Perfect Burger because good nutrition is possible


Dr. Praeger’s has been a leader in the plant based food market. With the launch of its Perfect Burger, smart food choices can be possible.

Are you ready for the Perfect Burger? Dr. Praeger’s is launching a new product to its plant based food line. Doesn’t your family deserve the best food choices?

Building on its purpose of bringing families together at the table over delicious, nutritious foods, Dr. Praeger’s understands that the rise of the “meat-like” plant based alternatives is a smart extension of its product line. Shouldn’t families turn to the brand they trust for this current food trend?

Families have relied on this brand for all types of veggie burgers, bowls and even hash browns. Their frozen veggie burgers are the top seller at Whole Foods.

The launch of the Perfect Burger brings a “meat-like” burger to the brand’s expansive line. This burger focuses on nutrition, ingredients and vegetables, which are pillars in the brand’s purpose.

Perfect Burger from Dr. Praeger’s, photo provided by Dr. Praeger’s

According to Dr. Praeger’s, the Perfect Burger is a soy free, gluten free and vegan food. It has 20g of non-GMO plant protein. Most important, this burger “contains 15% less sodium and 22% less fat than the leading meat-y veggie burger.”

While many people turn to these meat-like plant based alternatives, they need to understand the nutritional components. Just because the burgers are meat-free, doesn’t mean that the burger isn’t filled with lots of cholesterol. Smart choices need to consider all aspects, not just the elimination of meat.

In the Perfect Burger, Dr. Praeger’s puts veggies forward. The burger uses sweet potato, carrot and butternut squash. By incorporating all those veggies, the brand stays true to its vision of flavorful foods that are veggie forward.

Even though families appreciate the veggies, these burgers need to cook like a traditional meat burger. Those charred grill marks are essential. The juiciness and the texture needs to be on point. As long as the burger looks, feels and taste like the old-school version, people don’t feel deprived.

Dr. Praeger’s Perfect Burger will be available at restaurants and foodservice.

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Are you part of the plant based meat alternative movement? What’s your favorite way to enjoy these types of burgers?