S’mores cookies: Voortman Bakery brings a taste of the campfire without the mess


Summertime and s’mores are a classic combination. Voortman Bakery offers two delicious s’mores cookies that offer a taste of summer in a perfect bite.

What is your favorite summer dessert? Voortman Bakery is taking the summertime favorite, s’mores, and transforming it into the perfect cookie. Are you ready to open a package of s’mores cookies or s’mores wafers?

Growing up, s’mores and summertime were the perfect pairing. The sweetness of the marshmallow, the richness of the chocolate and the crunch from the graham cracker made the ultimate flavor pairing.

With summer in full force, that craving for the perfect s’mores flavor still holds dear. But, finding an easy, convenient way to satisfy that craving is more difficult. Recently, I found the perfect solution, Voortman Bakery s’mores cookies and wafers.

Just for the summer, the popular bakery company released these s’mores inspired treats. The two versions, one a cookie and the other a wafer, have the classic s’mores taste that I crave without the necessity of fire or the sticky fingers.


Part of the summer seasonal line, the s’mores cookies and wafers take the s’more flavors and transform them into cookie form. In one single, convenient bite, that classic flavor comes through.

Voortman Bakery recommended heating these cookies for a few seconds in the microwave to enhance the s’mores flavor. Having tried this idea, I would even recommend making a sandwich cookie version.

After heating the cookies slightly, add a small marshmallow in the middle of two cookies. The flavor is amazing. It is way better than any campfire s’mores.

Another tasty option is to make an ice cream sandwiches with these cookies. Whether you use vanilla, chocolate or maybe a special ice cream, this dessert could be the hit of the summer. Can you ever really go wrong with cookies and ice cream?

Voortman Bakery is America’s fastest growing cookie manufacturers. From cookies to wafer cookies, the brand has a wide variety of flavors and offerings. Whether you choose a classic, year round options or seasonal, limited release flavors, there is an option that everyone will enjoy.

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Are you ready to take a big bite of a s’mores cookie from Voorman Bakery? What is your favorite summer dessert?