Reese’s Puffs X Travis Scott collaboration combines style and taste


Did you know that Travis Scott is a huge Reese’s Puffs fan? In this collaboration, the two icons come together to combine style and taste.

Are you a Reese’s Puffs fan? So is Travis Scott. That iconic cereal has captivated foodies with its combination of chocolate and peanut butter goodness. Now one of its most famous fans is collaborating with the brand.

The pair are collaboration on a series of special edition boxes. The first box images have been released and visuals are impressive.

The box features Cactus Jack and Astroworld. While the Reese’s Puffs is still prominent, the box showcases how two pop icons can come together to celebrate the favorite chocolate and peanut butter cereal.

Starting June 25, the first special edition box will be available online at The cereal box will be encased in an acrylic box and will retail for $50. To celebrate the launch, a special pop-up will be held on June 25 during Paris Fashion Week.

Travis Scott x Reese’s Puffs Collaboration, photo provided by Reese’s Puffs

These type of collaborations are important for both the cereal brand and the celebrity. For the cereal, the endorsement can bring a new set of fans to the cereal. Some people who have never tried the cereal might want to taste test it for the first time.

Reese’s is one of the most popular candies on the market. Still, some people might not reach for the cereal bowl when they are craving that chocolate and peanut butter flavor. This collaboration could have them stocking the pantry with a couple of boxes.

For the pop culture fan, this limited edition box is a fun way to add something new to their collection. How often do you get to have a piece of collectible history?

Since this limited edition box is the first one, it will be curious to see how the future boxes will be revealed or look like. Could musical boxes be in the future?

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What do you think of this Reese’s Puffs and Travis Scott collaboration? Will you be purchasing a limited edition cereal box?