SNICKERS limited edition Intense Flavors are a feast for your mouth


Move over hangry, SNICKERS limited edition Intense Flavors are here to solve your hungry problem. But can you handle the intensity?

A new group of SNICKERS flavors are here for your eating pleasure. The new limited edition Intense Flavors have hit store shelves. Now, when the hangry hits, candy fans have more intense choices to curb their hunger.

The three new limited edition flavors are Espresso, Fiery and Salty & Sweet. These bolder flavor combinations are incorporated into the classic candy bar components. The candy bar still has peanuts and caramel, but the milk chocolate is now infused with espresso, chili pepper or salt.


Since these new flavors are part of the You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, each flavor has a corresponding adjective. The hunger symptoms are Irritable = Espresso, Wimpy = Fiery, and Indecisive = Salty & Sweet. Even though these adjectives are meant to go with each candy bar, they aren’t the only reasons to enjoy one of these new Intense Flavors.

Although I might not have these hunger attributes, I would love to try the Espresso flavor. Chocolate and espresso are a bold flavor combination. As long as the espresso flavor isn’t too bitter, the coffee flavor should balance the caramel and peanuts. More importantly, the flavors should satisfy my sweet cravings.

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It will be interesting to see just how spicy the fiery version is. Everyone’s spice preference is different and spice fans can have a high tolerance. The candy bar needs to appease the spice lovers while not being too bold for the more delicate palate.

All of these new flavors follow current candy trends. Most major candy companies have added a spicy, salty and coffee flavored product to their lines. While the SNICKERS options might just be limited editions, fans could make a statement for them to stay around longer. If these new products fly off store shelves, there is a possibility that these candy bars will become a regular option.

It will be interesting to see if the brand continues to expand the candy line with other flavors options. One option that hasn’t been explored with SNICKERS is a fruit infused choice. Although fruit can be a polarizing choice, it does open a lot of options. Finding the right fruit that can work with caramel and peanuts would be key.

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Would any of these new Intense Flavors satisfy your hungry craving? I definitely will give all three a try at least once. After all, no one wants me to be hangry this summer.