Tim Hortons Fireworks Donuts add a spark to the festivities


Ready to start your day with a bang? Tim Hortons Fireworks Donuts are the sweet, flavorful spark that your holiday celebrations will need.

Food and holidays go hand in hand. Tim Hortons Fireworks Donuts celebrate two summer holidays, Independence Day and Canada Day. Are your taste buds ready for a big bang?

For the summer holidays, Tim Hortons is offering two different celebratory donuts. The Independence Day Fireworks Donut is described as having “vanilla fondant, red and white popping candy and blue and white sprinkles.” The Canada Day Fireworks Donut has “vanilla fondant, red and white popping candy and red and white sprinkles.”

As described the “fireworks” aspect comes from the popping candy. Who doesn’t love a good popping candy topping? Those little bursting treats just add to the fun of any eating experience.

While the popping aspect is fun, it would have been a little interesting to see some additional fireworks from flavor. Although many people might not want a super spicy donut, a few spices could add flavor without being overwhelming.

A hint of ginger would be a kick of spice and still work into the fireworks theme. Plus, the flavor can blend well with a variety of flavors as well as a vanilla donut.

Since Tim Hortons needs to honor both Canada and the United States, the two different Fireworks donuts are smart. Whether you choose your donut based on patriotism or just colors, either donut is a fun way to mark the holiday.

Given the donut market, every brand needs to find a way to celebrate holidays in a fun and interesting way. If the brand doesn’t offer a special, limited edition menu item, it is missing out on a big opportunity.

The Tim Hortons Fireworks Donuts will be available starting on June 25 at participating locations. It be best to contact your local store for pricing and availability.

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Will you be trying these Fireworks Donuts for the holiday? What is your favorite donut?