Will kids crave the new Dippin Dots Frozeti Confetti flavor?


Dippin Dots, the flash frozen ice cream, is a favorite with kids. But, will the new flavor, Frozeti Confetti, be a hit?

Everyone knows Dippin Dots. When kids see that bowl of ice cream beads, they quickly beg, plead and cajole their parents for a bowl. There is something inherently fun about this particular type of ice cream. With no worry about dropping an ice cream cone, ice cream dripping or other types of messes, this beaded ice cream is the perfect solution for theme parks, ball games and other outdoor activities.

This year marks Dippin Dots 30th anniversary. To celebrate, the company launched a new flavor, Frozeti Confetti. Named after the company’s mascot, Frozeti the Yeti, the new flavor isn’t exactly the super sweet variety that kids tend to crave. This flavor has “lemon and blue raspberry ices with confetti popping candy.”

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Two factors should make this flavor a popular choice with kids. First, the color is bright and draws the eye. For some reason, kids are drawn to those bright blue colors. Even though there is no naturally blue food, kids love these types of brightly colored treats.

Second, the popping candy is a fun choice. Who can’t help but smile when those little candy explode in your mouth when you eat them? Putting any urban myths aside, the popping candy is entertaining. Adding this ingredient to foods is becoming more common. From Oreo cookies to milkshake garnishes, the popping candy is showing up all over.

During the IAAPA 2017 conference in Orlando, I had the opportunity to try the Frozeti Confetti flavor. The tartness of the lemon was quite refreshing. Overall, the frozen treat wasn’t too sweet. The blue raspberry will appease the kids who want sweet. Still, parents will enjoy this flavor, too.

The popping candy was hands down the fun part. Given the frozen beaded texture, you never know which bite will have popping candy. Some bites had tons of popping candy and others had less. It was always a guessing game. Eating the bowl was an adventure.

While many kids will still want the traditional chocolate, cookie dough and even cotton candy flavors, the Frozeti Confetti should become a popular flavor option. From the brightly colored frozen ice cream beads to the popping candies, there is a lot of kid-friendly fun in each bowl.

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Look for the new Frozeti Confetti flavor to be available at various Dippin’ Dots selling locations. A big bulk bag of the 30th birthday flavor can be purchased on the company’s website.

Are you ready to taste the Frozeti Confetti flavor? Could it become the kids’ new favorite Dippin’ Dots flavor?