Wedding Cake Championship winner: Will you accept this rose wedding cake?


The Wedding Cake Championship winner found the delicate balance of floral elegance and New England charm in the final wedding cake of the Food Network competition.

In the season finale, the Wedding Cake Championship winner stayed true to their vision while giving their client something that they never knew that they wanted. With a visually stunning wedding cake, the winning baking duo wowed the judges and their celebrity clients.

The second season of Wedding Cake Championship had lots of highs and lows. From one team having to leave the competition to cakes with epic fails, this season seemed a little chaotic.

While the top baking duos seemed to shine bright, the wedding cakes seemed slightly more subdue. It could be a trend in wedding cakes or it could be this season’s themes.

Since the finale is a big moment, the baking duos started with a difficult wedding cake topper challenge. With the theme of floral, the casual viewer might think that this challenge was relatively straightforward. But, those delicate blooms reveal technical skill that only a few can master.

While Hemu and Ida excel in figures, their vignettes can sometimes be a little clunky. Although their rose was very pretty, the almost garish heart in the background caused the display to suffer. This wedding cake topper needed a better balance of theme.

For the other two baking duos, they took the same approach to the floral wedding cake topper challenge. Both designs had a wreath with roses. In a way, the direct comparison made the criticism pickier.

Cara and Dana took a boho inspired approach. While the rose was lovely, the gold leaf didn’t match the flower. The design was nice, but it appeared that the judges wanted more.

Robin and Shelby had tons of details in their floral wreath. Shelby’s flower trick served her well and her flowers were exquisite. While the judges would have preferred a different scale to the bird or two birds, this wedding cake topper was one of the best of the Wedding Cake Championship season.

Contestants Robin Cates and Shelby Bower with hosts Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir during the Topper round, as seen on Wedding Cake Championship, Season 2. photo provided by Food Network

The final wedding cake topper challenge win went to Robin and Shelby. Their advantage was a table filled with extravagant cake decorations. From gold leaf to glittering sugars, the table was a huge decorative advantage for the final challenge of the season.

For the final wedding cake challenge, the couple was Ashley and Jarod from Bachelor in Paradise. After the wedding cake topper challenge, everyone got the rose reference.

The clients’ list of wants wasn’t overly difficult. While requesting a chocolate cake seems typical now, the other flavors of raspberry and coconut were a little different. Although these flavors individually work well with chocolate, all three flavors together might be challenge.

As for the cake’s décor, the couple would love something chic, elegant and has a New England vibe. Of course, roses should be featured. It wouldn’t be a Bachelor wedding without some roses.

Wedding cake bakers often have to balance what the client says that they want with what the baker thinks that they want. For example, an all white cake might be chic, but it doesn’t say New England wedding. In a way, the bakers need to interpret what the couple says into a beautifully stylized wedding cake.

Looking at the three wedding cakes, it was rather clear that Hemu and Ida probably would not win. They took the challenge too literally.

Judges Maneet Chauhan, Randy Fenoli, and Kimberly Bailey, with contestant Ida Sunday during the Cake Round, as seen on Wedding Cake Championship, Season 2. photo provided by Food Network

While parts of the wedding cake were done well, the elegant factor was missing. In a way, they tried to incorporate too many things on the cake, which lead to it being over-accessorized. Plus, the cake was definitely leaning and on the verge of falling.

Additionally, the cake itself had flavor flaws. While it was a chocolate lover’s dream, the flavors of raspberry and coconut were overshadowed.

Robin and Shelby took a different approach to this challenge. Their cake interpreted what the clients wanted through their own artistic vision.

The light sea blue cake was chic, stylized and modern. The vine climbing the cake with all the beautiful flowers was stunning. Plus, they made good use of the gold leaf advantage.

While the visual on this wedding cake was quite impressive, the cake and its filling wasn’t a showstopper. The chocolate was strong and the cake read sweet. It needed some fresh raspberries to brighten the flavor. Also, by not including any coconut, the cake didn’t live up to the stunning visual.

Contestants Cara Albertelli and Dana Iannelli with hosts Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir during the Cake Round, as seen on Wedding Cake Championship, Season 2. photo provided by Food Network

Cara and Dana ran with the concept of chic and elegant. The mostly white cake with gold accents was definitely glam times 10. Small touches really added to the visual appeal.

But, the cake wasn’t perfect. The nod to New England seemed to be missing. Also, there were a few technical issues with the cake’s presentation.

From a flavor perspective, this cake shined. The wedding cake had the perfect balance of flavors. The chocolate cake had a perfect crumb, the fresh raspberries added brightness and the coconut pastry cream was a smart way to include the third flavor.

Since it appeared that the Wedding Cake Championship winner would be either Robin and Shelby and Cara and Dana, the judges had to weigh visuals over flavor. On that important day, is it better to have a picture perfect moment or a tasty memory?

The judges chose Robin and Shelby as the Season 2 Wedding Cake Championship winner. Looking the episode as a whole, it makes sense that the judges would crown them winners.

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What did you think of Wedding Cake Championship Season 2? Did the judges get the outcome correct?