What is the most popular food ordered on 4th of July?


While many people grill, barbecue or cook on 4th of July, the most popular food ordered is a rather traditional choice. Can you guess the most popular ordered food?

As everyone prepares for 4th of July celebrations, the menus start to take shape. From low and slow barbecue to tasty burgers on the grill, the menus are vast and varied. But, more and more people are preferring to have food delivered via DoorDash for the holiday. Can you guess what they are ordering?

In a recent DoorDash study, the company found that some of the traditional 4th of July food orders are more traditional that what people expected. It seems that the patriotic celebration has people craving simple, tasty and delicious foods.

According to the DoorDash data the most popular 4th of July foods are:

"• Cheeseburger• Bacon Cheeseburger• French Fries• Hot Dog• Onion Rings• Boneless Wings• Soft Drink• Traditional Wings• Garlic Naan• Tortilla Chips"

Truthfully the top half of all orders nationwide were a combo meal of cheeseburgers and French fries. It seems that people tend to prefer a typical, safe meal for the patriotic celebration. Given today’s food trends, it is surprising that more people don’t want to venture outside of the comfortable food box.


In a way, people are speaking volumes through their food orders. While other occasions and celebrations show that people are willing to push the flavor envelope and boundaries, the 4th of July is a more traditional holiday celebration. It seems that more people want simple, familiar foods for the summer holiday.

It is quite interesting that Garlic Naan made the top 10 list. While this bread is quite delicious, it doesn’t match anything else on the list. If the bread makes the list, where are the accompanying dishes? Truthfully, most people don’t just eat naan.

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Have you planned your 4th of July menu yet? Do you think that your holiday menu will include the most popular food ordered on 4th of July?