Which pizza represents your favorite Stranger Things character?


Ready for Stranger Things Season 3? As your binge watching the season, ever wonder which pizza represents your favorite Stranger Things character?

Pizza and pizza toppings can tell a lot about a person. For fans of Stranger Things, have you ever wondered which Stranger Things character would have as a favorite pizza? The answers might be obvious or the answers might be or the pizza pairings might be a little more unusual.

Slice, the pizza app brand, has shared its list of pizzas that represent particular Stranger Things characters. While this list might spark a little debate, it could be a fun way to serve up a tasty food while binge watching the new season.

Here are Slice’s suggestion for pizzas inspired by Stranger Things characters.


This pizza suggestion seems rather straightforward, breakfast pizza. In many ways, breakfast pizzas are quite tasty. Whether you put a runny egg on top of some prosciutto or go for a sweeter version with Nutella and bananas, the options are many.

Or, the easiest way to try this pizza idea is to use a waffle. It is round like a pizza and quite tasty.


For many Stranger Things fans, Mike is either a love him or hate him character, just like the pineapple pizza. This pizza is a little sweet, a little savory, just like Mike. Maybe it is time to try this pizza, again.



Who doesn’t love Dustin? The same can be said about his pizza pairing, bacon. Everything is better with bacon and most adventures are better with Dustin. It is definitely a winning pairing all around.


Sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason. Cheese pizza seems to sum up Lucas. Both are dependable, yet there is the possibility of something more adventurous around the corner.


If you haven’t noticed, not one better mess with Nancy. She is a little fiery, just like a spicy jalapeno and peperoni pizza. A little sass, a crowd pleaser, but can definitely leave its mark.

Chief Hopper

Definitely the take charge type of guy, Chief Hopper can be summed with a meat lovers pizza. It is hearty, dependable and bold.


Sometimes there is a little bit of a wild side that can peek out occasion. Steve can be summed up with the buffalo chicken pizza. The surface might seem reserved, but that wild side comes out when no one is looking.

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Do you agree with these Stranger Things pizza pairings? Which pizza best represents your personality?