Summer barbecues are an epic fail without this one snack


Summer barbecues are a summertime tradition. While the grill heats up the main dish, the whole event will be an epic fail without this one snack.

Summertime is all about summer barbecues. Although people can debate the best way to grill a hamburger or if a hot dog is a sandwich, everyone can agree on one thing. This one snack is required to be at every gathering, or the host risks the event becoming an epic fail.

Frito Lay released its summer snacking report. The annual report studies consumers snacking habits. From food trends to snacking traditions, one finding is abundantly clear. This snack is always a favorite, hands down.

According to Frito Lay, potato chips are a must for a backyard barbecue, cookouts and picnics. While the study didn’t clarify if the flavor was plain, wavy or something more exotic, potato chips were chosen 43% of the time.

Additionally, guests tend to bring chips. Over half of Americans bring chips to these type of summer gatherings. Chips are chosen more often than any other snack.

There are a lot of reasons why this situation could be the case. Chips are generally universally liked. This snack tends to go with almost any food.

In many ways, no one should arrive at a gathering empty handed. Frito Lay found that three in four adults make sure to bring some type of snack to an event.

Given that fact, no one wants to bring the snack that no one eats. Everyone has seen that snack bowl that no one touches. Why waste money on food that no one likes or wants to eat?

While tortilla chips, popcorn and other snacks are growing in popularity, sometimes the classic choices offer a sense of nostalgia. Summertime is about enjoying time with friends, making memories and having fun. Forget about the eating plans, calories and the like. Sip on a beverage, enjoy a snack and start a conversation with a friend.

If you are hosting some summer barbecues, party or the like, make sure to grab a bag of your favorite potato chips. A summer party isn’t complete without them.

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