Chex Mix Spicy Dill Pickle flavor will be your new snack obsession


Chex Mix Spicy Dill Pickle flavor is coming to store shelves. Having taste tested this new flavor, the snack is a pickle fans dream come true.

Pickle fans head to the snack aisle. The Chex Mix Spicy Dill Pickle flavor is going to be your new snack obsession. Based on my taste test, you will not be able to stop at a small handful. You might want to clear a whole shelf in the pantry for this new General Mills snack.

The Spicy Dill Flavor is part of the Chex Mix MAX’D line. It takes the traditional Chex Mix snack that everyone loves and amps up the flavors. Mixing pretzels, mini breadsticks and crispy cracker, this snack is bold but not overwhelming.

In addition to the Spicy Dill, the Chex Mix MAX’D is offered in Buffalo Ranch. This flavor is similar to taking a bite of the Buffalo chicken wing with a hint of creamy ranch. It is the blend of tamed heat.

At this year’s Sweet and Snacks Expo, I had the opportunity to taste test both of these new Chex Mix flavors. While the Buffalo Ranch is tasty, the Spicy Dill flavor will become an instant hit.
Chex Mix Spicy Dill Pickle as seen at Sweets and Snacks Expo, photo by Cristine Struble
Right now, everyone seems to be obsessed with pickle dishes and pickle flavors. While other foods focus on the pickle, this snack definitely brings the heat. It is a slow build that leaves you wanting another handful as soon as you are done eating.

The flavor really comes through on the Chex pieces. This part of the snack mix absorbs the most flavor. Truthfully, I found myself picking through the bag searching for these flavor bombs.

The addition of these bold Chex Mix snacks is quite smart. While spicy foods or more flavor forward foods are on the rise, Chex Mix stayed in a more traditional flavor profiles. Global influenced flavors wouldn’t necessarily be a smart choice for the more traditional snack mix.

With these new MAX’D line, it would be curious to see how if this line continues to expand with other intense flavors. While it seems unlikely these snacks would ever go sweet, a combination of sweet heat might be a nice expansion.

The Chex Mix Spicy Dill Pickle flavor and the Buffalo Ranch flavor, part of the Chex Mix MAX’D line will be rolling out in store shelves. Check your local retailers for availability.

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Will you be stalking your store to try this new Chex Mix? Are you pickle obsessed?