HI-CHEW Dragon Fruit Frozen Yogurt is a ready to visit Menchie’s


Summer and frozen treats are a classic combination. The new HI-CHEW Dragon Fruit Frozen Yogurt is the perfect reason to visit Menchie’s.

Do you love the HI-CHEW Dragon Fruit candy? Now that flavorful candy has been transformed into a delicious Menchie’s frozen yogurt. Are you ready to experience the exotic flavor?

The collaboration between HI-CHEW and Menchie’s is a smart one. HI-CHEW is the bold, fruity chewy candy that has passionate fans. Menchie’s is the largest self-serve yogurt franchise. When these two leaders team up, the result is a huge win for foodies.

The limited edition Dragon Fruit flavor flows current food trends. The combination of sweet and tart is perfect on a warm summer day. It will be hard to see this flavor disappear at the end of July.

The Dragon Fruit flavor was the winner of the East Meets West Flavor Challenge in 2018. This candy seemed to set the tone for more and more tropical and exotic flavors coming to the candy aisle. While other countries happily embrace all types of candy flavors and trends, it is good to see the American consumer break out of the flavor box.

HI-CHEW and Menchie frozen yogurt collaboration, photo provided by HI-CHEW

According to the brands, the two companies worked together to ensure that the juiciness of the dragon fruit candy comes across in the frozen yogurt. That juiciness is what sets HI-CHEW apart from other candies.

Since people often “eat” with their eyes, the color needed to be perfect, too. The rich pink color reflects the true nature of the tropical fruit. It entices any foodie to grab a spoon and dig in bite after bite.

With this partnership and introduction of dragon fruit into other foods, it hopefully will encourage people to think beyond the traditional. Just a few years ago, people would never grab that prickly, brightly colored fruit off a shelf.

Today, people are embracing all types of foods and flavors. It could be more exposure to foods, the blending of cultures or the popularity of celebrity food shows. Now, food seems to cross the cultural divides.

The HI-CHEW Dragon Fruit Frozen Yogurt at Menchie’s is available for a limited time, but the HI-CHEW is available all the time.

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Will you be searching for this limited edition Menchie’s frozen yogurt? What’s your favorite HI-CHEW flavor?