HI-Chew debuts new Dragon Fruit candy flavor in Superfruit Mix


The new Dragon Fruit candy is the latest HI-CHEW flavor to hit candy store shelves. How many bags of HI-CHEW Superfruit Mix will you be buying?

Dragon Fruit candy might sound a little exotic but it is the flavor that candy fans want. As the winner of East Meets West Flavor Challenge, this newest HI-CHEW flavor will be hitting store shelves in the Superfruit Mix. What can foodies expect from this flavorful candy?

Previously, HI-CHEW hosted the East Meets West Flavor Challenge. This challenge put 20 different HI-CHE flavors up for fan vote. While a fun competition, it sought to showcase the candy company’s Japanese heritage and the variety of flavor combinations that the brand offers.

Out of the 20 flavors, fans picked Dragon Fruit candy as the winning flavor. Dragon fruit is often known by its colorful exterior. While most often seen in red skinned varieties, the fruit does have a rainbow of color options. The various colors denote the sweetness of the actual dragon fruit.

This new candy channels the red skinned variety in its true to fruit flavor. With a bright pink outer layer and a white center, the candy mimics the fruit itself. With a sweet, yet not overpowering flavor, it is quite enjoyable.

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Dragon Fruit will join the Superfruit Mix. This mix includes Dragon Fruit, Açaí and Kiwi, all derived from the fruits that possess superfruit qualities. Whether eaten individually or combined, the bright, refreshingly sweet flavors are quite enjoyable.

This newest addition to the candy aisle sees that foodies are looking beyond the old-school traditional flavors. While classic fruits like cherry, strawberry and apple are always popular, people want to explore different tastes. Just like the foods used in their expanding recipes, the candy that they crave is implementing those flavors, too.

The new HI-CHEF Superfruit Mix will be available only at 7-Eleven and the 7-Eleven Amazon page through the end of April. On April 26, the candy will be available at Walmart and HI-CHEW.com.

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Are you ready to experience the new HI-CHEW Dragon fruit candy? Tell us what you think of the new flavor.