Top Ramen Bowl makes eating ramen more convenient


Craving Top Ramen but not close to your home kitchen? The new Top Ramen Bowl makes eating the infamous ramen totally convenient.

With the new Top Ramen Bowl, you can enjoy your favorite Top Ramen anywhere, anytime. The iconic ramen brand understands that a ramen craving can happen at anytime, anywhere. With the new, convenient on the go version, you don’t have to wait to create that tasty ramen when you finally get to your home kitchen.

Top Ramen is the original instant ramen in the U.S. Since 1970, the brand has been a staple. Whether it is the late night craving, the college dorm room study meal or the comfort food when feeling under the weather, this brand has been part of many people’s lives.

While Top Ramen is easy, it did require a stove to cook the meal. Sure, the process only took a few minutes, but times are changing. More and more people don’t want to stand in front of a stove and wait.

Food trends show that people want food that work into their active lifestyles. People tend to eat more on the go, quick service and convenient food options.

The new Top Ramen Bowl appeals to that grab and go option. The process is simplified by “only requiring water and a microwave.”

More importantly, the bowl offers a sauce/oil pouch and vegetables that allow consumers to customize their ramen experience. Since no two ramen eaters are the same, the customization is key to this ramen enjoyment.

Personally, when I enjoy a bowl of Top Ramen, I add both vegetables and a little extra protein. For example, a few pieces of pieces of chicken make for a hearty meal. All the flavors meld together and it is quite enjoyable.

Also, the Top Ramen Soy Sauce version is vegetarian. As the flexitarian segment continues to grow, there is a greater demand for vegetarian option. Given that this flavor has a bold umami kick without being spicy, it offers a wide appeal.

The new Top Ramen Bowl is available at a variety of stores and on Amazon. It comes in three flavors, Chicken, Shrimp and Soy Sauce.

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Are you ready to satisfy your Top Ramen craving when and where you want it? What’s your favorite Top Ramen flavor?