International Delight French Toast Swirl Creamer is totally delicious


Craving French toast but don’t have the ingredients? International Delight French Toast Swirl Creamer satisfies that craving one coffee cup at a time.

The aroma of butter, syrup and hot French toast can be the perfect start to a day. With the new International Delight French Toast Swirl Creamer, your coffee gets a boost from that delicious breakfast and you didn’t have to dirty any pans. Ready to pour yourself a cup?

French toast is an iconic breakfast food. The custard soaked, luscious bread that is drizzled with syrup, cinnamon sugar and a touch of butter might have you drooling before the first bite hits your lips.

While many people love that breakfast favorite, the recipe does take some effort. Between the bread, eggs, pans and clean-up, all that effort takes a lot of work. Without a local diner within quick distance (or delivery) what is a person to do?

International Delight loves its French toast, too. There is something just so comforting, and a little cozy about that classic breakfast. With their creative minds coming together, they were able to develop this new coffee creamer that tastes just like your favorite French toast.

New French Toast Creamer from International Delight, photo provided by International Delight

Joining the more than 20 International Delight creamers, the new French Toast Swirl combines the flavors of cinnamon, sugar and buttery syrup. When that creamer hits your coffee, you anticipate the flavor and no fork or plate is required.

The addition of the hint of cinnamon was smart. The warm spice helps to keep the creamer from getting too sweet. More importantly, it adds to that warm, comforting flavor that makes French toast such a cozy breakfast food.

While some International Delight flavors are inspired by iconic candies and cookies, this new flavors takes a more traditional, wide reaching approach. In a way, this flavor could become your new favorite creamer because it finds the right balance between sweet, warm and comforting.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the International French Toast Swirl Flavored Creamer. The hint of cinnamon totally won me over. While the sweetness comes first, the lingering warmth from the cinnamon is a like a warm hug to start the day. In a way, it makes you want to linger over that morning cup of coffee, just a bit longer.

The new International Delight French Toast Swirl Creamer will be on store shelves this month. The suggested retail is $3.79 and should be found where other International Delight creamers are sold.

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Are you ready to start your day with a little French toast? With this new coffee creamer, that favorite breakfast is a sip away and no pans are required.