Birthday themed foods: Can every day be a celebration?


Have you noticed that birthday themed foods seem to be popping up everywhere? Are these special foods making every day a celebration?

It seems like everyone is celebrating something, every day. Birthday themed foods are filling store shelves. While a celebration is always a good idea, have these themed foods taken away the sparkle or added something to the celebration?

As the final notes hang in the air and you blow out the candle, that birthday cake seems to be the tastiest food that you could eat on your special day. Somehow that birthday cake flavor (traditionally vanilla cake with buttercream icing) has become an iconic flavor.

Looking around store shelves, it seems that many popular foods are getting a birthday makeover. Could you be celebrating something special every day?

Recently both Cracker Jack and Froot Loops announced limited edition birthday flavors. While both food releases were quite different, it got us wondering, why can’t these special celebratory foods be around all year round?

Cracker Jack Birthday Cake Popcorn, photo provided by Cracker Jack

For example, the Cracker Jack’s Birthday Cake Popcorn came out for the Fourth of July. As a celebration of the nation’s birthday, this snack would be perfect for any birthday celebration or just because.

The classic combination of salty and sweet was transformed with red and blue sprinkles. It was festive, fun and tasty.

Although this Cracker Jack was a limited edition offering, many people would love to enjoy the iconic snack on their birthday or share the snack as a birthday party favor. Maybe if enough people voice their love of this celebratory food, the brand might make it a permanent snack.

Additionally, Froot Loops launched its birthday flavor. While this cereal has a strawberry flavor, the brightly colored cereal is quite festive.

Again, it is a limited edition flavor, but couldn’t it be around all year. It isn’t like pumpkin spice, which has a seasonal twist. Birthdays happen every day and should be celebrated every day.

In a way, these celebratory foods can be a way to add a little cheer to a regular day. Sure, not every day is your birthday, but every day can have a little something positive, exciting and celebratory.

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What is your favorite birthday themed foods? Which celebratory foods do you wish were around all year long?