Get your game on with these video game themed cocktails


Esports are hot. Why not celebrate your best high score with these video game themed cocktails at Drink Company, Levels Unlocked: House of DC Heroes.

Move over classic cocktails. Video game themed cocktails are coming to Drink Company newest pop-up experience. Could these themed cocktails boost your high score?

Have you noticed that esports are taking over? These gamers are becoming as famous as other professional athletes. In many ways, video games and the video game world are an integral part of pop culture.

For many people, video games have grown up with them. Whether your first video game experience was old school Donkey Kong or you spent hours perfecting your Madden line-up, video games have integrated into almost everyone’s life experiences.

Given both the popularity of esports and the personal ties of video games, it makes sense that pop-up bars are starting to use those themes in their experiences. Drink Company is taking its video game themed experience to new levels starting July 18.
E Sports PUB 06/24/19. Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin
Washington DC is a huge gaming community. Drink Company is celebrating that community with a special pop-up experience. According to Gregory A. O’Dell, president and chief executive officer of Events DC, Washington DC “proactively promote(s) and support(s) its local dedicated esports teams.”

Through the “innovative and forward-thinking initiative with Derek Brown and his immersive pop up bar (PUB) experience” the area hopes to attract visitors, events and industries.
Specifically looking at this event, Drink Company has created three cocktails that celebrate three iconic video games, Overwatch, Super Smash Brothers and NBA2K19. These cocktails will be offered at Levels Unlocked: House of DC Heroes.

In a way, these cocktails bring the video games off the screen and into the real world. While the video game technology continues to be advance, the integration into the real world is limited. In a way, these special cocktails and the pop-up bar experience gives games the ultimate experience, physically walking into that gaming world.

Throughout the experience, there will be interactive installations. It will be as bright and colorful as the screens that gamers know so well.

Since this experience is more than just visuals, the three cocktails bring aspects of the games to the cocktail. The three cocktails are GOATorade, Traver’s Cup and Princess Peach.

Drink Company describes GOATorade (NBA2K19 inspired cocktail) as based as a Corpse Reviver #2.This cocktail has seen its comeback. The absinthe drink is quite flavorful, but it has a curious color.

The Tracer’s Cup (referring to the Tracer, the Overwatch hero) offers a nod to the British by including Pimm’s. With sherry, ginger and lemon Perrier, this cocktail should be bright, refreshing and very British.
Princess Peach themed cocktail E Sports PUB 06/24/19. Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin
Lastly, Princess Peach has an obvious reference, but the cocktail is far from innocent. Incorporating Pisco, oolong tea, peach, cantaloupe and lemon, this cocktail is quite complex. Of course, there is a little whimsy with a peach candy ring garnish.

These type of pop-up bar experiences are popular with fans. People are wanting more than just the traditional cocktail/bar scenario. Why should the pop-up experiences be limited to movies and television?

The Drink Company experience, Levels Unlocked: House of DC Heroes runs from July 18 through September 28. It is located at 1843 7th Street, NW Washington, DC.

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Which video game themed cocktail would you order? What’s the best themed pop-up bar you’ve experience?