Worst Bakers in America review: Cupcakes don’t marinate


In the Worst Bakers in America Season 2 premiere, Food Network fans were introduced to eight aspiring bakers who definitely needed some baking intervention.

Did you watch last night’s premiere of Worst Bakers in America on Food Network? In a way, these kitchen catastrophes might have made you feel like the best baker in the world. While this episode was far from the impeccable desserts on Best Baker in America, the first episode was quite entertaining.

Guiding these desperate recruits is the delightful Jason Smith and the lovely Lorraine Pascale. Even though Jason rarely is at a loss for words, some of these baking mishaps had him uttering Lord Honey and Bless Her Heart one too many times.

For the first challenge, the recruits needed to create their dream desserts. While these bakers might have dreamed big, the results were more like a baking nightmare.

Anyone who was watching at home had to have felt good about their own baking skills. To say that these desserts were a disaster was a compliment.

Even with a recipe, these recruits had epic failures. From a French macaron filling that could break a tooth to oil donuts, these desserts would make anyone lose their sweet tooth.

Host Jason Smith with contestant Melody Pfeffer, as seen on Worst Bakers In America, Season 2. photo provided by Food Network

Granted, this challenge was designed for the recruits to fail. The concept was to see how each baker handled the pressure, followed directions and could create good flavors. If anyone made tasty, good looking desserts, they wouldn’t be in this competition.

Still, it was quite surprising how flustered the recruits appeared. Even with recipes in hand, these recruits should be able to follow directions. Of course, the recipes weren’t easy, but this challenge was a mess.

Watching Jason and Lorraine trying to find something edible in these desserts was humorous. It makes you wonder if there is a box of antacid or a ginger ale waiting for them back stage. Bless their heart for trying to eat those desserts.

After the first challenge, the mentors choose their teams. Some of the choices were obvious. There was no way that Paul (the surfer) was going to be on Jason’s team. If Paul didn’t know that Jason was saying “oil” there is definitely a communication problem.

For the most part, Jason’s team seems to have some Southern flare. Melody and Mary Katherine seem to want to learn and become better bakers.

Lorriane’s team is a little more varied. Dijonnae probably had some of the best lines of the night. Her choice to marinate her cupcakes was interesting. In case you’re wondering, cupcakes don’t marinate.

Going into the second challenge, the recruits had to create a “cookie feed.” Basically, they were asked to create decorated sugar cookies that represented their personality.

Hosts Lorraine Pascale and Jason Smith with contestants, as seen on Worst Bakers In America, Season 2. photo provided by Food Network

For the amateur at home baker, the sugar cookie demo was easily the must watch part of the episode. Jason’s explanation and how-to of his sugar cookie recipe was amazing. If you are looking to recreate his recipe, the Food Network website has all the details.

Now, to be completely honest, none of these recruits would be able to make decorated sugar cookies like Jason and Lorraine. Those type of cookies take practice and skill, but the recruits should have been smarter with their choices.

Jason showed them step by step how to make the cookie recipe. If they took good notes, that part of the challenge was doable.

Baking is not cooking. Measurements matter in baking recipes. These recruits should be writing information in their notebooks (sorry Paul).

Since this cookie challenge was the first episode, the mentors were a little emphatic with their criticism. You could see that they were trying to find something positive with each plate. Again, the long, slow pause for some adjectives was humorous.

For the most part, these cookies would have been the bake sale rejects. While the cookies might have been made with love, the love didn’t quite come through with the decorations.

Hosts Lorraine Pascale and Jason Smith, as seen on Worst Bakers In America, Season 2. photo provided by Food Network

Luckily, the mentors had a huge surprise at the end of this challenge. Although everyone thought that two recruits would be eliminated in this episode, a twist occurred. Everyone is safe into next week.

As the mentors stated at the end of the episode, it would just be wrong to send these recruits home to their families without some more baking knowledge.

Worst Bakers in America Season 2 should be an entertaining season. The recruits have very different personalities and approaches to this competition. Sure, the fails are part of the entertainment, but Food Network fans are always looking for someone to get behind.

More importantly, it seems that each episode will have a real, vital baking tip. That sugar cookie recipe was quite good. Even if you don’t like the drama, watch the show for the baking tips. This knowledge can help anyone bake better.

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What did you think of Worst Bakers in America Season 2 premiere? What was your favorite line from the night?