Emoji Cookbook: Making recipes easier one image at a time


Have you seen the new Emoji Cookbook? Now, even the worst cooks can make a tasty recipe, just one image at a time, no words required.

Looking to add some fun to your cooking? The Emoji Cookbook eliminates all those long, boring words and simplifies some tasty recipes. Aren’t pictures the best part of a cookbook? With this new concept, simply follow along with the emojis and a tasty snack is all yours.

How often do you use emojis to communicate? Sometimes those little images convey more than a long list of words. Emojis even have their own holiday, World Emoji Day.

While some foods still don’t have their own emoji (sorry white wine), many food emojis can be strung together to make a tasty recipe. In a way, it is the new food language. Plus, there is no measuring required.

Pretzel Crisps has created this Emoji Cookbook that takes all the guess work out of some snack recipes. From classic combinations to some innovative flavors, this cookbook can bring your snack game to a whole new level. Are you ready to get snacking?


If you aren’t familiar, Pretzel Crisps are a delicious snack. While they have all that tasty pretzel flavor, the flat shape makes it the perfect base for all types of condiments. From classic combos to innovative flavors, these snacks turn your simple snack into a picture perfect bite.

To celebrate all those food emojis, Pretzel Crisps has created easy to follow emoji recipes. Think ofa recipe turned into a visual equation. Pretzel Crisp plus toppings equals tasty snack. Even the person who can’t boil water can follow along.

While emojis don’t quite work in a written post, Pretzel Crisps shared this example of “You Gotta Burrata.

You Gotta Burrata recipe, photo provided by Pretzel Crisps

Now, there isn’t a burrata emoji, but you get the point. Simply stack together the ingredients to complete the recipe. Simple, easy, and no math required.

There are numerous recipes on the Pretzel Crisps website. From a classic, like Hummus Loves Us, to more creative “Tzat’s Tzatziki!” there is an option for any and every occasion.

Personally, my favorite flavor is the Everything Crisp. With the garlic, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and onion, it is the perfect base to so many different recipes.

I like to top my with a piece of bacon, a s’mear of Boursin basil and chive cheese and a grape tomato. It pairs delightfully with a glass of rose.

While this emoji cookbook is entertaining, it does prove a smart point. Cooking and food are fun. When the experience gets complicated, it isn’t enjoyable and the food doesn’t taste as good. If emojis get more people interested in food and cooking, isn’t that a good thing?

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Would you use an Emoji Cookbook? What gets you excited about food?