How can you celebrate National Wine Day without a white wine emoji?


Are you celebrating National Wine Day? White wine fans are still wondering, when will there be a white wine emoji on the keyboard?

National Wine Day is the perfect reason to open a bottle, raise a glass and sip on your favorite wine. Like many food holidays, the event is complete without sharing that moment on social media. But, on this wine holiday, there is no white wine emoji to add to your post. Will we ever get one?

Previously, a petition was created to implore the Unicode to add a white wine emoji to the keyboard. Given the numerous types of white wines, it seems only fair that white fans have their wine emoji, too. Why do red wine drinkers have all the fun.

Although the previous request didn’t get the results, Kendall Jackson is heading back to the Unicode meeting in July to petition again. Hopefully, the 15 page report will implore those code makers to sip on the deliciousness that is white wine.

Looking at wine sales, the number one selling varietal in the United States is Chardonnay (based on cases sold in the US). According to Maggie Curry, director of marketing at Kendall-Jackson, “Kendall-Jackson is known as ‘America’s Favorite Chardonnay’ (and is) the #1 selling Chardonnay in the US for the past 27 years.”

Even though consumers are voting with their wine choices, those factors may not sway the Unicode committee. Curry said, “Unicode takes their job very seriously, as they are making decisions for the many different tech platforms for the billions of phones and computers for the world. Though the Kendall-Jackson team wishes Unicode were making decisions on personal wine preferences, this is not the case. All of their decisions are based on the quality of research, and proved need and usage in each emoji proposal. Chardonnay remains #1 when it comes to wine varietals, with Cabernet Sauvignon a close second. Though Rosé and Rosé-all-day is popular at the moment, white wine and Chardonnay remain king.”

While Kendall-Jackson probably will not submit their 15 page proposal with a case of Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, it doesn’t mean that consumers shouldn’t raise their voice. If more people request the inclusion of a white wine emoji, hopefully the code makers will listen. Just look at the other food emojis that have made the list, like lobster and bagels.

Even though you might not have an emoji to send on National Wine Day, why not raise a glass of Chardonnay to celebrate the food holiday. With its creaminess, buttery notes and a hint of lemony-acid, the Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay pairs perfectly with a salad, seafood or just a quiet afternoon relaxing outside.

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How are you celebrating National Wine Day? Do you wish that there was a white wine emoji?