Upgrade the classic daiquiri with the bold flavors


Do you love a classic daiquiri? The iconic rum cocktail can get an upgrade with some bold flavors and you will want to shake one up.

When was the last time you had a classic daiquiri? While the iconic rum drink is often a beachside, vacation favorite, the classic cocktail is more than that frozen, colorful drink. Still, variations on the classic can have you rediscovering that rum cocktail.

Truthfully, a daiquiri is a relatively simple cocktail. Made with rum, lime juice and sugar, the three ingredients combine for a refreshing sip. It is one cocktail that everyone should know how to make from scratch.

One of the biggest factors to remember when shaking up a daiquiri is the ingredients. Fresh lime juice, making a simple syrup and a quality rum will definitely make a difference in flavor. Just like in a carefully crafted recipe, ingredients, especially fresh ingredients, matter.

Equally as important is a vigorous shake. The shaking ensures that all the flavors blend together. While the ice chills the cocktail, it also dilutes it slightly, which makes the cocktail more drinkable.

With these tips in mind, even the perfect classic daiquiri occasionally needs a makeover. While those colorful, frozen versions are delightful eye candy, other options can be more flavorful.

For example, adding a second fruit flavor, like with a fruit syrup, can be quite tasty. This version, the Passion Daiquiri from Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, is quite flavorful, yet simple to create.

Here’s how to shake up a Passion Daiquiri.

"Passion DaiquiriIngredients:Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum – 2ozFresh Lime Juice – 1ozPassion Fruit Syrup – .5ozCointreau – .5ozInstructions:Add Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Passion Fruit Syrup, and Cointreau to cocktail shaker. Add ice then shake and strain into chilled coupe. Garnish with lemon wheel or peel."

Numerous other variations can be made to this recipe. If you don’t like Passion Fruit, try another type of syrup. Just remember, to think about balanced flavors. The cocktail should never be too sweet or too tart.

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Do you enjoy a classic daiquiri? What is your favorite cocktail to enjoy on a hot day?