Should Popsicle Double Pops come back, Justin Bieber thinks so


Did you grow up with Popsicle Double Pops? If you want them back, like Justin Bieber, it is time to make your voice heard.

Popsicle Double Pops were a summertime fixture. There was something both fun and satisfying about that double treat. Many people, including Justin Bieber, wondered what happened to those iconic double pops.

Recently, Justin Bieber tweeted how he couldn’t find those iconic Popsicle treats in stores. That one tweet set off a big discussion, but more importantly it got Popsicle to take notice.

After an entertaining discussion on Twitter, Popsicle wants to hear from fans. Do you want the Popsicle Double Pops to return? Based on the huge reaction, the answer is an astounding yes.

There were many reasons why this frozen treat was so popular. While the flavors were classic, traditional, there was something fun about having two treats in one.

Sure, sometimes your mom would make you break the Popsicle in half to share with your brother, but it wasn’t like you were totally deprived. You still had a whole treat to yourself. It was the best type of halve-ises.

In a way, it a simple treat. No one felt guilty about enjoying one, or two. The biggest debate would be who ate all the grape flavored ones out of the box.

Bringing these frozen treats would be a great idea for the brand. While many companies are pushing flavor boundaries, nostalgic treats will always have a huge audience. People want to reconnect to a food memory.

Just like the aroma of grandma’s Sunday roast can bring back family dinner around the table, this Double Pop can bring back that perfect summer spent by the pool with your childhood friends. Just think about the stories that you can remember. Doesn’t everyone have at least one summertime funny story about a fallen Popsicle?

Will Popsicle bring back the Double Pop? If you are a fan, make your voice heard. Sure, you might not have the twitter followers of Justin Bieber, but brands listen to consumers. If you want it, they might just bring it back permanently.

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Do you miss the Popsicle Double Pops? What other frozen treats would you like to see come back to store shelves?