Rooted Shots, plant based wellness that you can take anywhere


Do you need a boost? The new Rooted Shots are the easy, convenient way to get plant based wellness anywhere and everywhere.

Sometimes the daily grind can be draining. Rooted Shots are a new plant based wellness solution that is perfect for anyone busy, on the go lifestyle. Now, a simple, delicious option can be part of anyone’s and everyone’s daily routine.

Walking down the health food and nutritional supplement aisle can be daunting. While many packages can be tempting, the ingredients might be difficult to pronounce or unrecognizable.

On the other hand, fresh juice shots are often a tasty way to get a nutritional boost. Unfortunately, that juice shot might require a trip farther than the walk to your refrigerator.

Food trends show that people want convenience but they do not want to compromise healthy choices. With the new Rooted Shots, consumers get everything on their want list.

According to the brand, these plant based wellness shots are a powdered shot that mixes into water. Each shot is “non-GMO, gluten, soy and dairy free.” More importantly, each shot has “six ingredients or less.”

Today’s consumer wants to be knowledgeable about their food. Unfamiliar ingredients, unpronounceable words and filler ingredients are no longer acceptable. That good for your food needs to be made with good for you ingredients.

Rooted Shots, plant based wellness shots, photo provided by Rooted Shots

Looking at these wellness shots, there are three flavors, Orange Strawberry, Turmeric, Orange, Ginger, Black Pepper and Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne Pepper. Each ingredient was selected for a specific purpose.

For example, orange and strawberry offer a big boost of Vitamin C, which can boost immunity. Ginger can help fight inflammation and aid digestion. And, Cayenne Pepper can help with congestion (ever wonder why your nose runs when you eat a spicy food?).

In a way, these shots can be a great traveler’s companion. From the stress of travel to the assault on the immune system, it can be a great toll. Since these shots are easy, portable and convenient, it might become your next travel bag essential.

Rooted Shots are available online at the company website. A box of 20 shots retails for $35.

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Are you ready to give your routine a boost? With Rooted Shots, a convenient wellness solution is at your fingertips.