New Pizza Hut concept store, pizza at a touch of a button


Love Pizza Hut, but want a more seamless carryout experience? The new Pizza Hut concept store could change the pizza experience for everyone.

Have you seen pictures of the new Pizza Hut concept store? Located in Hollywood, California, this location totally changes the pizza carryout experience. Could this pilot program be the new way to enjoy a hot, fresh pizza?

According to the brand, this new pick-up concept is designed for today’s busy, on the go lifestyle. People want food with a touch of a button. This service looks to be quick, easy. But, is there more to this concept.

The concept allows consumers to order a pizza through any channel, including the Pizza Hut app, in store, online or over the phone. The digital cubbies, where you retrieve your pizza, feature your name. In a way, you can order a pizza and pick it up without interacting with anyone. Introverts never had it easier.

This scenario brings up an interesting question, is personal interactional important to the food experience? Sure, people want convenience. Having to jump through hoops, difficult customer service and other issues can make for a poor food experience.

Pizza Hut concept store in Hollywood, photo provided by Pizza Hut

Looking at this experience, many aspects are smart. Each cubby keeps your pizza hot and your drinks cold. The technology is there to ensure that the food is at its best. Still, do you want to see or talk to someone who made your pizza?

It seems that some restaurant trends are moving away the personal interaction. Drones are delivering your food. In some cases, robots are making food. While the technology aspect is impressive, personal interaction is reduced.

Still, people will want to try the store because it is something new. Just like the new menu item, new experiences draw guests.

Many people are going to be happy about this new innovative store. In many ways, convenience is paramount. Pizza Hut will be rolling out more versions of this concept store on the West Coast in 2020.

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What do you think of the new Pizza Hut concept store? Do you want more convenience with your food orders?