Tim Hortons Dream Donuts are worth a trip to Toronto


It isn’t a fantasy. Tim Hortons Dream Donuts are coming to its first ever innovation café and a trip to Toronto is a must for all foodies.

Did you see the new Tim Hortons Dream Donuts? With the Tim Hortons innovation café opening in Toronto, foodies, donut fans and coffee fanatics will be lining up to enjoy all the tasty treats. What will you eat first?

Looking over the new Tim Hortons donut menu, the 12 handcrafted Dream Donuts sound like the perfect dozen of donuts. The donut flavors are: “crème brulee, dulce de leche-filled donut, maple bacon, Froot Loops, confetti, PB&J, blueberry hibiscus, brown butter and sea salt, hazelnut buttercream, cranberry orange, vanilla bean dip and poppin’ praline.”

These flavors are definitely not the traditional cake or yeast donut. While some flavors might verge on traditional, a few flavors push the innovation angle. Specially, the blueberry hibiscus is a food trend. Hibiscus seems to be everywhere. This combination of sweet and floral should be amazing.

Also, the brown butter and sea salt sounds like a chefy-inspired donut. This donut should be slightly nutty, rich and totally enticing. Plus, it is probably one of the more innovative donut flavors available.

Dream Donut tower by Tim Hortons, photo provided by Tim Hortons

Since Tim Hortons is known for its Timbits, those treats get a dream makeover as well. The Dream Timbits have four new flavors, “Coffee Crumble Cake, Chocolate Truffle, Birthday Explosion Timbits, and Cookies N’ Cream Timbits.” Based on these new flavors, everyone will want to try each one.

In addition to the Dream Donuts and Timbits, Tim Hortons will be offering a Dream Donut tower. This epic donut delight is filled with 11 Dream Donuts and four Dream Timbits. Stacked together, the Dream Tower looks like a tiered cake.

The Dream Donut Tower might be the new celebratory food that people will crave. In a way, this celebratory donut tower allows everyone to have their own flavor. Why limit the food celebration to just one flavor when you can have all of them?


Since a delicious donut needs an impeccable coffee pairing. The Brew Bar will feature seven different brewing methods. While seven methods seems like a lot, it will be interesting to see how brewing changes coffee flavors in each presentation.

For example, one option will be a draft latte. Wouldn’t you want to how a draft latte tastes compares to a traditional latte? Coffee fans could be flocking to this coffee experience.

The Tim Horton innovation café is located at 130 King in Toronto. It will be open 24 hours a day.

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Will you be making a special trip to the Tim Hortons innovation café? Which Tim Hortons Dream Donuts will you eat first?