Chipotle asks are you ready to Guac Dance on National Avocado Day


Everyone loves free guac, but Chipotle wants to see your best Guac Dance in honor of the tasty food holiday, National Avocado Day.

Chipotle is excited to celebrate National Avocado Day on July 31st. While everyone loves the restaurant’s guacamole, just giving away the free guac again this year isn’t enough of a celebration. The brand is encouraging everyone to show off their Guac Dance.

Now, before everyone gets their best dance moves ready, it is true that Chipotle’s free guac promotion is back for National Avocado Day. When guests place an order via Chipotle’s app or via, they will get free guac.

There are a few restrictions with the promotion. Guests have to order digitally and you do have to order an entrée.

But, the avocado fun isn’t limited to free guac. Chipotle is asking its fans to show off their best #GuacDance. Are you ready to participate in this TikToc Challenge?

If you are looking for a little #GuacDance inspiration, remember Dr. Jean and this viral video? Sure, the avocado and guacamole part doesn’t come to the end, but it is quite entertaining.

This type of activation is quite interesting for the restaurant chain. While many brands use social media to build excitement about a product launch or keep fans engaged with the brand, this promotion is different.

The #GuacDance allows fans to showcase their individuality. It is more about the fan, than the guac or the brand itself. But, in the process, it bonds the fans to the restaurant chain.

It will be interesting to see how this promotion does on social media and the impact that it has in the future. Chipotle was the first restaurant brand to partner with TikTok with its promotion in May, #ChipotleFlipLid. Given that they are partnering again, it shows that the activation was successful.

For those not on TikTok or prefer to keep their love of guac private, the National Avocado Day promotion does require any social media postings. Everyone can get free guac on the upcoming food holiday.

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What do you think of this TikTok challenge? Will you be participating?