Can you name the three most popular Buffalo Wild Wings sauce flavors?


Buffalo Wild Wings is getting ready for National Chicken Wing Day with some fun promotions, but can you guess the three most popular B-Dubs wing flavors?

Buffalo Wild Wings, the ultimate sports bar, is gearing up for National Wing Day. While any and every day is a great day to enjoy some B-Dubs wings, this food holiday is the perfect excuse to enjoy a few extra wings. Before getting to the huge B-Dubs offer, how much do you know about the iconic B-Dubs chicken wings?

Luckily, FoodSided got the scoop on some interesting facts about these tasty chicken wings. While everyone has a favorite flavor (remember the fan push to get Jammin’ Jalapeno back on the menu), there are three flavors that are the most popular. Can you guess those three flavors?

According to B-Dubs, the most popular BWW sauces are Honey BBQ, Medium and Parmesan Garlic. Thinking about those three flavors, it seems that the people like approachable flavors. Sorry, Asian Zing and Hot, those flavors might be too spicy for some guests.

Still, these three flavors seem to have mass appeal. Honey BBQ has a nice blend of sweet and smoky. Medium has just the right amount of heat. Parmesan Garlic has the right amount of savory goodness.

If all this talk about most popular Buffalo Wild Wing flavors has made you hungry, check out this video from the B-Dubs’ executive chef, Jamie Carawan. You will be craving wings and the National Chicken Wing deal after watching.

Given that Buffalo Wild Wings served more than “1.9 Billion wings” (yes, that’s billion with a b), the executive chef knows his chicken wings. That number is astonishing. To think about that number, If you traveled 1.9 billion miles you could take 3,977 round trips to the moon.

With July 29 being National Chicken Wing Day, B-Dubs will add to its chicken wing total. Guests can get a “free snack size wing with the purchase of any small, medium or large order of wings.” While the free offer is dine-in only, guests can choose boneless or traditional.

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The only question left is will you order one of the most popular Buffalo Wild Wings flavors for National Chicken Wing Day?