New Pringles flavors make for the ultimate flavor stacking combination


Have you seen the new Pringles flavors at Dollar General? These two new flavors offer the ultimate flavor stacking combination for snack lovers.

Ready to pop open a can of the new Pringles flavors? Exclusively at Dollar General, these two new flavors are irresistible. Are you ready for bacon and mac n cheese?

These two exclusive Pringles flavors will be available through August only at Dollar General. This partnership has been successful for both brands. Previously, Top Ramen Chicken and Nashville Hot Chicken were featured exclusively at these retail locations.

Thinking about the bacon and mac n’ cheese Pringles, these flavors seem to have mass appeal. In a way, the flavors bring two foods that are comfort food staples into snack form.

While some snack traditionalists might not approve of these flavors, the two new flavors offer some fun flavor stacking options. One of the best parts of Pringles is the combining flavors together to get a whole new flavor.

Pringles Mac N Cheese flavor, photo provided by Pringles

Of course, bacon mac n’ cheese flavor stack is obvious (and tasty). It isn’t the only option available. Doesn’t flavor stacking deserve a little creativity?

A few fun combinations to try with the bacon flavor would be bacon Memphis BBQ and Pringles Jalapeno. The BBQ option should remind you of a heartier barbecue flavor. The bacon could add that little extra tang to the barbecue flavor.

Jalapeno and bacon is often a great combination. The heat of jalapeno plays nicely with the savory notes from bacon. Sure, it isn’t a piece of hot sizzling bacon from the pan, but it can be a tasty snack.

As for the mac n’ cheese flavor, the jalapeno would work well in a flavor stack, too. There is nothing better than a little spicy mac n’ cheese.

Also, it might sound unusual, but the honey mustard and the mac n’ cheese could be a nice combination. Actually, throw in a screamin’ dill pickle and you could have a huge flavor explosion.

The new Pringles flavors will only be around till August. While these flavors are different than the Mystery Flavor announced earlier this summer, Pringles keeps innovating with its new flavors. Wonder what the next flavor could be? Anyone one something sweeter this time around?

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What do you think of the new Pringles flavors? Will you be rushing to Dollar General to buy some?