Could you name the Virgin Voyages signature craft beer?


Calling all craft beer fans. Virgin Voyages is giving one person the opportunity to name their signature beer but that name better be extraordinary.

Virgin Voyages has a signature craft beer but there is one thing missing, a name. As excitement builds around the maiden voyage of the Scarlet Lady, Richard Branson is looking to add another level of fun to the lifestyle brand. Are you up to this naming challenge?

Richard Branson is looking to disrupt the cruising industry. In a quest to create a “yearning for the sea,” these ships look to create the ultimate destination that can appeal to a person’s sense of wanderlust. Each element from food to entertainment to cabins is the luxury that you expert from Virgin.

As part of its quest to make a unique experience, this signature craft beer will impress beer lovers. The un-named craft beer sounds like a delightful libation to sip from a deck chair gazing at the expansive waters. While the high seas might inspire some creative moniker, the beer itself holds the key to the perfect name.

This signature craft beer is a partnership between Virgin and Miami’s Wynwood Brewing Company. The Miami based brewery draws inspiration from the artistic district where it is located and the founders’ Puerto Rican heritage. From its La Rubia Blonde Ale to Father Francisco, these beers are vibrant, creative and flavorful.

The Virgin and Wynood Brewing Company craft beer for Virgin Voyages blends American and English brewing traditions. English yeast brings the British aspect while American malts and hops offer a taste of Miami. Has this blend of cultures offered some name inspiration?

To add some clarification about this craft beer, Virgin Voyages describes the craft beer as having a “malty body” like a traditional English Pale Ale but it has “slightly more bitter and hoppy” flavors. Also, the craft beer has “hints of grapes and fruit on the nose with toffee and caramel in the background.”

Virgin Voyages rendering Draught Haus, photo provided by Virgin Voyages

Given all these descriptions, can you imagine the taste of this beer? The blend of flavors sound like they would be quite refreshing on a warm, sunny day. With enough body to appeal to a craft beer fan and enough approachability to appeal to the casual drinker, this beer could be your memorable beverage from the vacation.

For the visual drinker, this ale is will offer a red tint. Given that the ship is called the Scarlet Lady, the red color makes sense. Hopefully, the color is subtle.

With this opportunity to submit a name for this English Pale Ale, where could the name draw inspiration? Although color is an obvious, a little hint on the label could be an interesting option. On the side of the label there appears to be a kraken, the legendary sea monster.

Since the word kraken has been overused, why not draw inspiration from the legend and the word itself. The English word crook or crank is referenced in the world. Could there be a fun play on words?

The to be named English IPA will be served in the Draught Haus. Located on Deck 7, this bar will offer a casual place to sit and relax. From the eight beers on tap to even boilmakers, this bar will be a fun locale to gather with other guests. Or, if you prefer to sip your beer in solitude, growler service for draft beers will also be available.

As more details about Virgin Voyages are unveiled, this ship looks to be far different from other vessels. From the vibe to the attention to detail, a new way to cruise seems to be on the horizon.

For now, craft beer fans have a chance to be creative. If you want to share your suggestion for the Virgin Voyages and Wynwood Brewing Company English Pale Ale, comment on the Virgin Voyages Instagram post featuring the can.

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Are you feeling a little creative? More importantly, what do you think of this signature craft beer?