Are Moonberry Twinkies really out of this world?


Need a reason to have a Twinkie? New Moonberry Twinkies could be out of this world, but can you handle this trip to the dark side?

Can anyone really resist a Twinkie? Now that classic filled sponge cake is going to the dark side. Moonberry Twinkies are on shelves but can you handle this trip to the dark side?

Available only at Walmart, the limited edition Twinkie flavor is described as “dark blue, night sky colored sponge cake with a fruity muster ‘moonberry’ flavored creamy filing.” While the sponge cake may not have a flavor, the color is quite intriguing. What kid wouldn’t want to eat a dark blue Twinkie?

The most interesting part of this treat I the “moonberry” flavored creamy filing. Since the flavor is fruity, it seems like that the fruit flavor is berry forward. While it may not be a specific berry, it might be a mixed berry scenario.

Twinkies occasionally get a flavor make-over. While the original, classic version will never change, a few twists can keep things interesting. Recently, there have been tie-dyed and orange cream flavors. These limited edition flavors can keep things interesting.

Additionally, bringing a moon-inspired food is a smart choice for this summer. With the Apollo 11 celebration being a major part of the summer, moon-themed foods have been all over store shelves. There is something exciting about space and space-themed foods.

This limited edition Moonberry Twinkie is exclusive available at Walmart. A 10-pack is $2.97.

These type of limited edition, exclusive offerings are becoming more popular. The offerings are good for both the brands and the stores.

Some people will seek out these special foods because they have to have the “special food.” While they are picking up that special food, it seems likely that they will spend money on other foods and goods. Again, it is a win for everyone involved.

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What do you think of the Moonberry Twinkies? Will you be heading to Walmart to try them?