Moon themed foods to celebrate the Apollo 11 anniversary


The Apollo 11 anniversary is a moment to be celebrated. Why not enjoy some of these moon themed foods to mark the special occasion.

One small moment had a huge impact on history. As we celebrate the Apollo 11 anniversary, the excitement over space, the moon landing and the astronauts grows. Although many of us will never experience leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, we all can enjoy a few moon themed foods.

Looking back at the accomplishments of those brave astronauts, the Apollo 11 crew were willing to push the boundaries. Without many of these brave men and women both in front and behind the scenes, the world that we know today would look very different, including many of the foods that we eat.

From freeze dried ice cream to Stouffers entrees, there are many foods that have a connection to NASA. Also, other foods are looking to celebrate that historical event with moon inspired foods.

Why not have a little foodie fun and celebrate the Apollo 11 anniversary with these moon themed foods.


Did you know that Stouffers had a big role in the Apollo 11 mission? When those astronauts returned from space, they ate Stouffers. During the astronauts’ post-lunar quarantine period, “14 Stouffer’s main dishes, side dishes and meat pies” were on the special menu.

So if you are feeling a little nostalgic, heat up some classic Stouffer’s meals for the occasion. In particular, enjoy some Stouffer’s Escalloped Chicken and Noodles and eat like an astronaut.


As part of the summer limited edition flavor menu, OREO released its marshmallow moon cookies. The cookies have glow in the packaging, moon-landing designs on the cookies and purple marshmallow crème.

If you can find some of these cookies, they can be a fun way to get kids talking about the moon landing, space and maybe even some science. Shouldn’t food and learning be fun?

DQ Zero Gravity Blizzard

Dairy Queen went big for their moon landing inspired Blizzard. The Zero Gravity Blizzard includes OREO pieces, sparkly cosmic swirls and cotton candy topping.

Granted it is a super sweet spoonful, but astronauts need big, bold flavors in space. Doesn’t everyone deserve a little out of this world treat occasionally?


While astronauts might not be able to drink an ice cold Budweiser in space, the iconic American beer is celebrating the history moon landing with Budweiser Discovery Reserve. Additionally, Budweiser will donate $1 from the sales of the 24-pack of the Discovery Reserve to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

The limited edition beer, brewed for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, is a richer bodied beer than a traditional Budweiser. There are hints of toffee and a sharp finish.

These moon themed foods are just a few of the many foods celebrating the historic achievement. Also, there are numerous other fun foods, like Moon Cheese, freeze dry ice cream and numerous other foods.

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Will you be celebrating the historic Apollo 11 landing? Will moon themed foods be on your menu?