DQ’s Zero Gravity Blizzard is the ultimate galactic treat


A limited edition DQ Blizzard is ready to blast off. The Zero Gravity Blizzard is coming to your local DQ and the flavor is out of this world.

Need another reason to head to your local DQ? The limited edition Zero Gravity Blizzard might have you dreaming of the cosmos. Is your red spoon ready?

For many people, summer nighttime sky can be a beautiful sight. The vastness of space, the lure of the bright stars and the promise of the unknown can conjure a variety of feelings.

As the anniversary of the first lunar landing approaches, everyone seems to be a little more intrigued by space, rockets and the great cosmos. DQ is joining this celestial celebrations with this limited edition DQ Blizzard.

According to Dairy Queen, the Zero Gravity Blizzard features “OREO cookie pieces, sparkly cosmic swirl, sweet cotton candy topping and topped with colorful galaxy sprinkles.” Based just on the visuals, this Blizzard definitely captures the cosmic vibe.

Maria Hokanson, Executive Vice President of Marketing at American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ), said, “Fans can feed their imaginations and taste buds alike with the Zero Gravity Blizzard Treat — sending their red spoon spaceships into a deliciously iridescent soft serve galaxy.”
New DQ Blizzard inspired by the lunar landing, Zero Gravity Blizzard, photo provided by Dairy Queen
The flavor components of this Blizzard are interesting. While OREO Blizzards continue to be one of the most popular Blizzard flavors, adding in cotton candy will make this treat sweet. Also, it will be curious to see if the flavor changes once the cotton candy topping mixes into the soft serve ice cream.

The iridescent quality of this Blizzard is quite intriguing. While glitter has taken over all types of foods, colorful food is always a big draw. From blue swirls to the colorful toppings, this Blizzard will have people lining up to try it.

Given the excitement building over the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, this food special is just one of many offerings starting to appear. Earlier OREO announced its Moon-themed sandwich cookies. It will be curious to see which other “space” themed foods will be hitting store shelves.

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Are you ready to taste the Zero Gravity Blizzard? Which DQ Blizzard is your favorite summer treat?