More new OREO flavors are coming, America’s favorite cookie is out of this world


New OREO flavors are hitting store shelves. America’s favorite cookie is going to be the twist, dunk and eat treat of the summer.

Ready for more new OREO flavors? Starting today, OREO kicks off a summer filled with new flavors and treats. While summertime is often filled with fun, America’s favorite cookie is embracing the playtime that summer has to offer. Who’s ready to get snacking?

To kick-off the summertime fun, the limited edition S’mores flavored OREO cookies are available in stores now. This cookie-twist on the popular campfire treat features “a graham flavored cookie with marshmallow and chocolate flavored crème.”

S’mores and summer seem to go hand in hand. Given that this cookie has the classic flavors without the need for fire or mess, it will definitely satisfy that s’mores craving any time of day.

Now, being that I’m an adventurous eater, why couldn’t the OREO S’mores be used as the “graham cracker” replacement in a traditional s’mores? Just think about the tasty possibility. It might be a little messy, but the big flavor might be totally worth it.

S’mores flavored OREO cookies, photo provided by OREO

Even more exciting, OREO is launching Marshmallow Moon flavored OREO cookies to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing. After seeing the highly creative GOT cookies, these moon-inspired cookies are totally out of this world.

The package has three moon-landing designs on the wafer cookie. Even more exciting is the purple marshmallow crème filing. While it isn’t clear why marshmallow crème replaced the traditional crème, the purple color is quite fun.

New OREO flavors, Marshmallow Moon flavored OREO cookies, photo provided by OREO

Adding to the out of this world feel, the package itself glows in the dark. Just think about nighttime star gazing with a package of these OREOS. Maybe this cookie could spark a little celestial imagination.

The new OREO flavors continue throughout the summer. In July, OREO partners with Baskin Robbins on a Mint Chocolate Chip flavored OREO cookies. The classic Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor gets sandwiched between two wafer cookies. This flavor could add an upgrade to your next ice cream treat.

Baskin Robbins and OREO partnership – Mint Chocolate Chip OREOS, photo provided by OREO

Also, the OREO Thins Latte will become a permanent flavor in June. This flavor has been a huge hit. Given the thinness of this cookie combined with the coffee-forward flavor, people have found this cookie quite delightful.

Lastly, the summer ends on a sweet note with the addition of the Maple Creme flavored OREO Cookies. Available in late August, this flavor will get everyone thinking about fall. The Golden Oreo cookies play off the sweet maple crème.

If you want to try any of these new OREO flavors, you better watch store shelves. Some flavors will only be around for a limited amount of time. If you find a flavor that you can’t live without, you better stock up.

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What’s your favorite OREO flavor? Which limited edition flavor would you want to become a permanent one?