Why have mustard ice cream when you can have an Ice Dog Sandwich


Mustard ice cream is so yesterday. The new food news is the Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich, but are you a true foodie who is willing to indulge?

Foodies are often willing to take a food risk. The Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich could the food trend that you need to try. Why just eat a hot dog for dinner when you can have a hot dog for dessert, too.

Oscar Mayer hot dogs are an iconic food that everyone seems to know. From the classic Weinermobile to the tune of “I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner,” this hot dog brand is an integral part of pop culture.

Still, even classics needs to continue to evolve. Why should a hot dog be enjoyed in the traditional way? Could you eat a hot dog for dessert? Oscar Mayer said yes.

Just in time for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Oscar Mayer is offering the Ice Dog Sandwich. It is described as “a hot dog infused ice cream with real bits of candied Oscar Mayer hot dogs served alongside spicy mustard ice cream” which is served between two buns (aka cookies).

Now, this ice cream sandwich is a fun response to the mustard ice cream offering, but would you be willing to follow a hot dog with a hot dog dessert?

Oscar Mayer deserves a lot of credit with this offering. It really does push some flavor boundaries. While savory desserts aren’t new (if you have ever watched Iron Chef, you have seen some questionable desserts), this offering won’t be found on your traditional restaurant menu.

Ice Dog Sandwich Flavors, photo provided by Oscar Mayer

Looking at the ice cream sandwich, the ice cream itself should be quite intriguing. The candied hot dog pieces could be similar to a candied bacon. That type of mix-in can work in a dessert. But, the hot dog flavored ice cream might not have a reference point.

It is interesting that the sandwich is made more in vertical layers. If you aren’t careful eating this ice cream sandwich, you could get just a bite of spicy mustard. Make sure that you eat wisely.

Lastly, what about the people (although few) who like ketchup on their hot dog? Where’s the ketchup ice cream or tomato gelato? Don’t ketchup fans deserve some love too?

The Ice Dog Sandwich will be available starting August 12 in Manhattan. The Weinermobile, turned ice cream truck, will be passing out samples. If you aren’t in the area, try tweeting Oscar Mayer and using #OscarMayerIceCream. You might be able to try one of these creative ice cream sandwiches.

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Would you eat the Ice Dog Sandwich? What’s the most unusual dessert that you have ever eaten?