Panera’s new fall menu embraces a warm, spicy cinnamon flavor


Need another reason to head to Panera? The Panera new fall menu has just been released and cinnamon lovers will be craving all these fall treats.

Calling all cinnamon lovers. The Panera new fall menu is all about the warm, spicy cinnamon flavor. From refreshing beverages to tempting treats, these new menu items make you wish for a brisk, fall day.

Fall might seem far away, but fall flavors are coming to Panera. Instead of joining the pumpkin spice bandwagon, Panera is embracing a different fall flavor, cinnamon.

It is nice to see a restaurant go in a different fall flavor direction. Cinnamon offers so many possibilities. Without being too sweet, or even too divisive, this flavor could bring in a lot of guests.

Starting August 9, the new menu items will be available at participating locations. The new fall menu includes: “Cinnamon Spice Cold Brew, Cinnamon Spice Latte, Apple Pie Thumbprint Cookie and Cinnamon Apple Scone.”

Truthfully, the Cinnamon Spice Latte is a nice departure from the PSL. This beverage is described as “espresso, foamed milk and cinnamon flavor topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon.”

Panera new fall menu selections, photo provided by Panera

Since cinnamon has a hint of spice mixed with a comforting taste, this latte can pair a little more easily with a variety of foods. From a quiche to a scone, the food pairings are a little more inclusive.

Speaking of food pairings, this latte would be perfect with the Cinnamon Apple Scone. Although a nice Earl Grey Tea is always delightful with a scone, the fall latte might get you in the cool weather vibe.

Also, if you choose to take that Cinnamon Apple Scone home, consider pairing this pastry with some apple butter. While a curd or a clotted cream is often used with a scone, an apple butter could make this pastry an even better fall bite.

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What do you think of Panera’s new fall menu? Will you be heading to your local restaurant to try one of these offerings?