Wheaties celebrates and inspires women because she’s a champion


Being on immortalized on a Wheaties box is more than a face on a box. That cereal not only celebrates but inspires future generations to be a champion.

The old saying, you better eat your Wheaties, might not be on the tip of everyone’s tongues anymore. Still, the accomplished athletes that grace the cover of this iconic box are celebrated not for their popularity, but for their hard work and accomplishments.

One of the biggest sports stories of the summer was the United States Women’s National Soccer Team World Cup victory. Even non-soccer fans were loudly chanting Team USA. As the teams begins its victory tour, another accolade is added to the list.

Special limited edition boxes featuring the team will be available. The 10,000 USWNT commemorative boxes will retail for $23 on Wheaties.com with sales being “donated to Girls in the Game and the U.S. Soccer Girls Development Academy.”

Becky Sauerbrunn, USWNT defender said, “this highlights our 2019 world championship title as more than just a wine for the sport of soccer, it supports our drive for women’s equality in all sports.”

New Wheaties box featuring the USWNT, photo provided by Wheaties

The USWNT limited edition box comes in the middle of the “She’s a Champion” campaign. Currently available at retailers, Serena Williams is featured on boxes. While many consider her the greatest female tennis player of all time, she uses her platform to be a strong voice for women’s causes.

In statement Williams said, “I believe a champion embodies a person in all aspects of their life and I am so proud to share my time on the Wheaties box with these amazing women who are doing just that. When we support each other and build each other up, we can do anything.”

In many ways having women athletes on this cereal box is more than just celebrating an athlete accomplishment, it serves as a visual reminder to young girls that they can do everything. While girls should reach for the stars, they can learn, benefit from and grow with other women in their field.

From the teammates on the field to the classmates at school, a supportive group is stronger than the individual. That philosophy needs to be fostered at every age.

If even one girl looks at the cereal box each morning and is encouraged to dream big and try harder, the She’s a Champion campaign is a success. When girls see others making their dreams come true gives them the confidence to go after their goals.

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Did a Wheaties box encourage you to dream big? What fuels your passion to accomplish your goals?